Gohan6425: Toonami Review of 3-29-14 and or 3-30-14! sorry for the wait.

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  1. comment and rate and if you like my video please subscribe to my channel. Thank You​

  2. put up a poll and ask who watches Toonami. It is less than 3 users. Probably just you.
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  3. @CM Punk watchest it! And if no one watch it then why is it on TV dumb ass!? The only reason it come was b/c online anime demand it back it blow up twitter the midnight of April 1, WM28! And Toonami was Trend World Wide unitl WM28 come on TV on PPV! So from Midnight-7pm eastern it again was TREAD WORLD WIDE! After A.Swim did the whole April Fool one night event of Toonami. That had so much buzz that had to put back on the air a month later and been on A.Swim every seen! SFTU TOONAMI DRAW WETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT!
  4. Toonami doesn't draw on this site. CM Punk doesn't want to watch your reviews.
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  5. he watch everyone week and he the one who come up with the idea for me to do a toonami review dumb ass! so with without him I would not start toonami review!
  6. Well he gave you some bunk advice man. Nobody on this site, outside of MAYBE Cm punk, is going to watch that review.
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  7. uh my anime youtube subscribers will.
  8. so post it there, not here
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  9. not on one.
  10. Shut the doors Gohan! What do you get like 17 views on these review video per year?
  11. Who needs Toonami when you live in Japan for the most part.
  12. Serious question what is toonami? Is it a show or collection of shows?
  13. Collection of shows and I gave it to him as idea to get more subscribers.
  14. Collection of shows, it used to be pretty dank back like in Middle school, but idk it lost it's taste imo.
    I was a fan of the mid evening block of shows during the week but never really had the time to catch the later stuff.
  15. What kind of shows are we talking here? Is it on some rugrats hype?
  16. Not quite sure. I think it might be completely anime, but maybe not.
  17. I remember it having like Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Thundercats, Voltron.
    Honestly A LOT!!
    That's the full list of show's they've showed during each run its had.
  18. Shitty mainstream dubbed anime trash.
  19. They should play porn if they want views.
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  20. Not sure if Cartoon Network would allow them to do that to be honest lolol
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