Gohan6425 WWE SmackDown Results of 4-20-12! WE ALL NEED TO SAVE SMACKDOWN! Video

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  2. 2 minutes in and already loving this video! Wait for Wade Barrett, Christian, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, and Ted Dibiase to get healthy. Then hopefully they will do something good again. (although Gabriel and Dibiase will probably get stuck on Superstars, #wwelogic)

  3. Smackdown seems better to me. All they need to do is have Smackdown every week in Britian and keep developing new superstars and reinvent the main event ones.
  4. WrestlingJesus says your videos are boring and retarded, so I'm not watching this.
  5. SmackDown is definitely the dying show, I haven't watched it properly for ages (apart from live eps). It's so bad and I'm literally puttingf all my blame into the faces constantly squashing heels and the retarded segments. Fucking Big Show I swear. There is no good story-lines on SmackDown, there never is. Just kill it and move on.
  6. End the brand split :clap clap clap clap clap:
    End the brand split :clap clap clap clap clap:
    End the brand split :clap clap clap clap clap:
    End the brand split :clap clap clap clap clap:

  8. There is one good storyline on Smackdown at the moment and that is the Bryan Storyline. I agree that the brand split should be dissolved to allow all superstars to move between all shows but Smackdown should definitively not be killed. It just needs a revamp. Let Smackdown focus on titles like the tag team titles, intercontinental, US, Cruiserweight etc and have RAW focus on the WHC and WWE champ. That way you allow WWE's midcard to evolve on Smackdown.
  9. Someone's mad at Johnny. :umad:

  10. The thing is the brands should end but the two shows shouldn't. Smackdown can be the second show still but they should carry on storylines from show to show better than they do now. The only reason why Smackdown sucks is because the creative for Smackdown are completely lazy about it. Blame them not the brand extension completely.
  11. I'm not a fan of the Bryan storyline, I'm a fan of him, and he's making it entertaining - but I could care less about his feud with AJ and even less with his feud with pale HHH.