Gohan6425 WWE Wrestlemania 29 of 2013 Predictions! Video

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 4, 2013.

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  2. 27 MINUTES?!? Ain't no one got time for that! :robbie:
  3. Is it possible that WrestleMania 29 repeats in the future? What year was WrestleMania 29 first aired? Well, if they know a little of wrestling people won't need you to say that WrestleMania 29 is this year's WrestleMania...
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  6. The video's title is: WWE Wrestlemania 29 of 2013 Predictions!

    So the thing is that people's not stupid if they like wrestling or WWE, there wasn't any WM29 before and there won't be any WM29 in the future...
  7. Good prediction Gohan.
  8. It what I title b/c that what WM is called this year. u think this is 1st video of WM Predictions I done!? B/c its NOT I done more I did last year and year before that. It just how the title.
  9. I didn't mean this is your first video of WM Predictions, it's just I don't think people's stupid. I actually like your predictions but I'd make another kind of things... I'd like more your videos if instead of using your webcam you use a digital camera (doesn't need to be an expensive camera) and the add also a little bit of music in your videos (I can make you the music if you want), I think it will give the video a little bit of fun don't know if you know what I mean
  10. i don't i can use music b/c of youtube copyright shit. as for digital camera i don't good 1 to use for that.
  11. But I don't mean making a music video or that crap, make your video as you do now but add a music (not too high) and if I make you the music YouTube can't say you anything about copyright. As for the camera, EBW has a better quality than your normal videos imo, so if it's a friend's try to ask him if he'd lend it to you
  12. lol that not my digital camera Jeff S. digital camera the guy I was wrestling against. and i don't money to get a digital camera like he got.
  13. You don't have a Samsung camera or something like that? It hasn't got to be a reflex camera, even a phone with a good camera would be acceptable
  14. My cell phone camera suck it a flip phone 1 and i can't download to the pc b/c i don't have online on my cell phone. and no i don't any camera. that camera from ebw is NOT my it Jeff "Shock" we use his camera and then upload the video to the ebw channel me and both access to the EBW Channel acount.
  15. Damn dude, was going to watch this, but yeah.. 27 minutes is way too long.
    Fuk dat shit.
  16. edit: somehow I'm 8 minutes into this shit. Lol

    *Liking for the Miz hate.
  17. The video long b/c i not only do the Predictions of the matchest but I breakdown the show as well.
  18. What cell phone have you got? Well you actually don't need internet in your phone to get the video in your PC, you can use the cable or use bluetooth...
  19. it never works when i do that.
  20. Use the cable or some adapter, I don't know, almost all mobiles now admit an SD card, you can use a 1GB one, isn't really expensive, I think it's about 20 dollars.
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