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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 3, 2013.

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    I am sure you know what this is about. Apparently, three members attempted to mess with me by sending love letters to my husband. While he could care a less, I am not so quick to let it go. You know who you are. You know if you were one of the three to try shit. I think it is quite pathetic to send him PM's saying "Britanica don't post the same since you joined" when in all reality, I was posting less and less and recently became more active since he joined. But now... We have a problem. You didn't strike any chords with him but you sure played a symphony with me. Congratulations. Joking around on here is one thing but when you are deliberately trying to make my own husband mad at me, you can't expect me to take it lying down. Sending him "old posts" by me, joking around with other members... Expecting him to get mad? Really? He has seen what I post like and what everyone else posts like on here WAY before he joined. That never bothered him. So yeah, you lose on that. I am not in a childish relationship, we are married. Did you honestly think he would get mad at me and leave me over it? I mean really? I am not going to sit here and pretend I am not being childish by posting this, because I know I am. I know I am being a little child by doing it, the same way you three were being little prick children. He joined, not because of me, not because he was jealous and not to spy on me but to simply play in the WWE2k league with other members. I told him this forum was filled with great members and no one ever really does anything stupid, BOY WAS I WRONG. I will continue to talk to the members on here that are cool and play on Xbox with those members but everyone else, you can thank the three who crossed the line for my inactivity.

    I put up with the comments about me being a spammer, stupid, ect. I put up with the bashing of my beliefs. I put up with it all because of the handful of really cool members on this forum. But one thing I will not stand for is little pricks trying to start stuff in my own personal life. I may not know who did it, but you certainly know who you are and you can kiss the whitest part of my American ass.

    You want to complain I don't post the same? Well now I won't be posting at all. So in part, you gain nothing. I have my close nit people on this forum and other ways to talk to them other then on here. I never needed to continue posting on this forum to keep friendships with them. So aside from the people I am close with on here, you know who you are, don't expect me to be talking with any of you.

    And to make this perfectly clear, my husband didn't want me to leave the forum. hense him not telling me what little assholes did this. He keeps telling me to let it go, but I can't. I am taking a break. I may or may not be back. I am sorry I ever told him to join because I had no idea a few of you would be complete assholes to him and to me.

    I really could care a less if anyone posts in here and insults me either. So if you are going to post in here and call me childish or immature, don't waste your time cause my fucks given is at 0.
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  2. It was me I confess I'm sorry brit I just wanted more of them crackers and he was hiding them!

    Honestly though, like I said in the status, take as much time away as you need to and come back whenever you feel ready.

    Edit: I'll be honest I didn't read the entire post yet just because I wanted to be the first person to reply, suck it everyone else.
    Edit2: #LittlePrickChildren2013 trend it
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  3. I'd probably leave too if I were you. Wayne is a cool dude.
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  4. You're childish and immature.
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  5. Just wondering how you don't know who it was if your husband got PMs?
  6. He won't tell her, probably because he knows it'll make things worse.
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  7. I see.

    Pathetic by whoever it was.
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  8. Agreed, there is a difference between copying what people say (like what you and I did to each other for about two weeks straight) And purposely trying to get someone to leave/mess with a relationship. Pathetic is the right word.
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  9. Okay, just so we can get everything clear.

    There is a select group of people who've gotten to know Wayne personally. A select group and I'm a part of that group. Britanica was inactive long before her husband even had joined the site and there might be a bit reason behind that, but I won't go into depth with it. It's one thing if you hit on Britanica as a joke, face it we've all done it. But there's a borderline between fantasy and reality. What you may think is reality is most likely fantasy. It's not like one day she's going to wake up and go, "Wayne, I realized I'm in love with a guy on WWEForums, I've only gotten to know him online, but he is the one!"

    Fantasy dude. Also, just to get something straight. Wayne has work like 3-5 days a week and comes back at night. Don't you think Britanica would have came on the forum during that time? Yes, she would have. But did she? No. She was obviously doing something else.
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  10. Want to know who it is now.
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  11. Same. It's funny cause the plan that Wayne and I made up was to act like a hardass to anyone who hit on Britanica. He honestly didn't care. :upset:
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  12. Now this is the HQ LR drama WWEF has been missing.
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  13. inb4 she joins WF and jonathan calls her a traitor
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    Hangover mornin' drama. Sheeeeeeeeeeit

    Seriously though. This is pretty fucked. R.I.P Brit.
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  15. I understand why you are leaving but take as much time as you need and if you decide you don't want to come back its understandable and valid, Fuck the pricks who did that, Britanica and Wayne >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Them. I haven't spoken to Wayne much but from what I have he seems like a great guy, See you on xbox I guess.
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  16. Fuck whoever did that. Losing a good posting member over stupid shit.
  17. So who wants to fess up?
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  18. Since he's gone now, might as well tell ya. (Wayne and I)Our idea was to make you scared of hitting on Britta. He already knew you hit on her and didn't care. :upset:
  19. Um lol? How would I be "scared" exactly? Haha. If anything the fact that I'd think he'd take it seriously would make me lol.
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