Goldberg At WM32 - Who Could He Fight?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. With WWE needing to ensure they can sell out those 100,000 seats for Wrestlemania in Dallas next year, word is they want as many big names on the show as possible (which should be obvious), and of all the names I've seen mentioned (Brock Lesnar, HHH, Undertaker and Sting being givens, and Austin, Rock, Batista, and Shawn Michaels all being possibilities as well), Bill Goldberg doesn't seem to be among them.

    Some will say that it's because most people don't care about him anymore, but in all fairness, he hasn't really done much of note since his wrestling career ended and his name has barely been mentioned on WWE television at all since he left in 2004, and yet his DVD from 2013 still outsold nearly every other DVD that the company put out that year regardless. So there'd arguably a lot of interest if he came back to wrestle one final match. Goldberg also said he wouldn't mind wrestling again since he'd love for his son to see him wrestle live and he wouldn't mind putting this person over either, but he "didn't want it to be against someone who loses all the time" (in reference to Ryback back in 2012/2013.)

    So hypothetically, if he were to work a program with someone next year, who would make for the best and most logical opponent? Roman Reigns? John Cena? Brock Lesnar? Rusev (if he's still relevant by then)? A newcomer from NXT (Baron Corbin)?
  2. He should face Batista in an MMA fight
  3. Enzo Amore.. Enzo wins with the help of Big Cass out of no where, both of them make a name.
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  4. I'm sure they can sell the building out with the people they currently have. I'm not sure what shape Goldberg is in nor am I sure how much people will care, but it could go well.
  5. Cena vs Goldberg. US title on the line. Our boy Cena overcomes the odds again and wins.
  6. They have a lot of people who clamor to get tickets but never do, they can reach that 100,000 easily.

    Besides that Goldberg shouldn't wrestle. His days were far over by 2003, I can only imagine the clusterfuck it would be in 2016. Besides that if I were to choose an opponent for him...Rusev. Two practitioners of a Martial Art and two brutes. Seems like a nice program to watch.
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  7. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar part 2
  8. It would be a worse disaster than last year. Goldberg is a old hag and Lesnar is a beast. Polar opposites don't attract, even at WrestleMania.
  9. As long as they give it their worst...
  10. I think Goldberg said something like he might be doing some kickboxing this year, fighting for GLORY.
  11. Now I'm going to let you finish, but this match will be the biggest draw of all time! Of all time!
  12. Faarooq Assad vs. Farooq vs. Ron Simmons would be the biggest dra- Nah I'm just yanking your dick. Nor will be this dead dog fight.
  13. That match is impossible. If it happens, beams of plasma will hit the Earth's core and we'll die from the awesomeness.
  14. WWE is corny as f*ck so nothing about the build or actual match would be worth check out.
    I'd enjoy him feuding with Miz. Miz could get under his skin and be a perfect antithesis to Goldberg's demeanor.
    I'd actually enjoy the insults, the chicken chasing all leading to the match where Goldberg finally got his meathooks on the guy.
    It's simple and not the answer you're looking for but I hate when WWE writes themselves into a corner with their marquee matches.

    Miz is my answer. As a point of reference, this feud would be akin to Rock/Goldberg or HBK/Hogan.
  15. There's only one answer. Triple H
  16. Saying they can "easily" sell 100,000 tickets is a stretch. They haven't even sold out all of the Wrestlemania shows that they've held in stadiums and those are always 20-25k lower than the 100,000 number that they're striving to reach next year.

    They would have already broke the record by now if it was that simple. HHH is even considering bringing in mega-celebrities like Katy Perry next year just to ensure they get 100,000 people to show up.
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  17. Amf I normally like most of your posts, but you lost my interest at "miz"

    Fuck miz.
  18. Goldberg vs bray.
  19. Goldberg vs Gilberg

    Oh the fun that match would be.. and it might set a record as the shortest WM match ever!
  20. As long as they have better musical acts then this year and than have the same caliber of legends as well as a few additional ones like SCSA, Goldberg and such they should be able to reach the 100k mark, although it's not going to be that easy.. I'd say a returning CM Punk would do the trick though, although with his UFC career about to be underway that's looking pretty doubtful.
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