Goldberg chants directed at Ryback lol

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Anyone notice at Extreme Rules Goldberg chants were directed at Ryback when he was squashing those jobbers lol. That would be an awesome match Goldberg vs Ryback
  2. Yeah I was slightly pissed, although it was funny - I thought they'd take to Ryback being a beast, but I guess no one cares about squashing local skinny tools that I could beat up myself.
  3. That's the problem, he needs competition. Still wouldn't mind Tensai jobbing to him eventually.
  4. Completely agree. Ryback to stop the Tensai domination would be great.
  5. Even given one of them the US title and have a three way feud with Brodus, the three unbeaten monsters clashing could make that belt relevant.
  6. Ryback Vs. Lord Tensai Vs. Brodus Clay for the US title.

  7. Tired of seeing monsters vs monsters tbh. Ryback isn't a monster as he can actually move.
  8. Squashing jobbers is bad for everyone. The squasher, jobber and the audience. I hope he has an actual match on Smackdown tomorrow.
  9. Don't get your hopes up :annoyed:
  10. I don't want to spoil anything but let's just say don't watch SmackDown if you expect a full Ryback match.
  11. I can't say I'm a surprised, but it is a stupid decision in my opinion.
  12. Actually The Wwe Universe Cannot Forget The Magic That Bill Goldberg Created That Is Why He Is My "favourite Wrestler " And Also The Best Wrestler In The World He Is My Inspiration
  13. Overrated! I kid I kid.
  14. A kid! A kid!
  15. u mean for the cruiserweight championship LoL :lol1:


    sorry guys but Goldberg SUCKS BIG TIME !!!!!
  16. And so the chants continue. You know I would so mark out if Goldberg actually came back and destroyed Ryback my god the crowd would be going insane
  17. Goldberg could put Ryback over.
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