Goldberg on Taker/SCSA/Ryback

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Work or real? :hmm:
  2. If real, then what a teasy tits.
  3. Either match would be good a WM IMO. Haven't seen Goldberg for a looooong time now.
  4. Shhh Goldberg doesn't like it when you talk about him.

    He might bitch some more to the local news press if you don't stop! *gulp*
  5. Don't know or care whether this is a work or shoot to plant the seeds for an eventual match with Ryback (I hope not) but Undertaker/Goldberg would have been a huge Mania match if 1998 Goldberg existed today instead and was as over with the streak now as he was then. It's a cool dream scenario to think about.
  6. Fuck No
  7. Surely a work. Goldberg vs Ryback at Mania, book it.
  8. Goldberg can still hit his vast move set at 46? Must be on dat der cell tech.
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  9. Trying to like Seabs' post, but it ain't working.

    As for Goldberg returning to WWE, please God no.

    He was tremendously over at one point, but he has no real love or respect for the business. I love how he thinks he knows what the people want to see and that he thinks the people want to see him end the streak. I also love how he can still do all four of his moves at 46. For Taker to put him over after the wars he's engaged in over the last few years against HBK, HHH, and Punk, it would be a slap in the face to those guys for Goldberg to go over Taker in a match that couldn't possibly last more than 8 or 9 minutes (which is about how long Goldberg could go in his prime).

    I could see a one-off with him against Ryback at Wrestlemania, but I fear it would be a terrible match to watch (see: Goldberg vs. Lesnar...Wrestlemania XX, I believe, in which the only fun thing about it was Austin coming down to the ring and "Stunnering" everybody).

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