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Roman Reigns, in responding to a fan on Twitter asking about a piece of padding he used during a stage punching gimmick, took a shot at Goldberg. It was such an out of nowhere bit of shade it led to the obvious speculation that perhaps it was laying some groundwork for a possible match between the two.

There’s another Saudi Arabia show coming up next month, after all.

Goldberg has since responded:

1 of those “C’mon man” ESPN moments. I’ll stick with my old school ways ....seems to of worked 99% of the time. We all have bad days. I tend to tap into an entirely different level of intensity. Doesn’t work for everyone. Kinda like the difference between #UGA & GeorgieTech. Roman Reigns on Twitter

— Bill Goldberg (@Goldberg) January 18, 2020
That’s fairly tame, and definitely doesn’t feel like it’s coming from a guy trying to work a feud. But, hey, this is the Internet. What else is it good for but looking way too deep into things?

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