Goldberg Responds To Ryback Saying He’s A Better Wrestler and Athlete Than Him

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 14, 2012.

  2. I cannot believe that Ryback and Goldberg would do this..
  3. Ryback > Goldberg
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  4. I'm with you. :otunga:
  5. Indeed my brother. [​IMG]
  6. Goldberg was a lot more exciting to watch.
  7. This.

    Fuck Goldberg.
  8. Ryback will be a lot more exciting than Goldberg if given time, which I'm sure he will.
  9. Ryback actually said that!? That's it, now I really hate this guy. What a total fuckface. I was never a big fan of Goldberg, but Ryback is not and never will be better than Goldberg.
  10. What did Ryback say that was wrong apart from saying he's a better athlete? The rest is spot on.
  11. I know right.
  12. Here comes the resident Roidback mark to save the day. To say youre better than someone when all you've done is squash jobbers is a fuckface move. Sounds like he's mad he got stuck with a gimmick that someone far superior than him had and pulled off much better
  13. 1) Roidback? Lmfao you silly sausage.
    2) Le wild kayfabe appears.
    3) You didn't actually argue against any of the points Ryback made.
    4) Mad that he's been given a gimmick that has already propelled him to one of the most over stars in current WWE AND got him into the main event? Yeah, I'd be pissed.
  14. You counted 3 twice stupid Roidback mark.
  15. Typo. I'm typing in pitch black :((.
  16. I thought the Cornish had mastered electricity, guess I was wrong.
  17. Doesn't happen while 2014 IIRC?
  18. do i have to? Ryback a better wrestler :haha: Let's see Goldberg jackhammered Big Show, Ryback cant even lift Tensai, but lemme guess, "Ir wurz Tensaus fault, Tensau sandberrged"

    doesnt take much to get over in WWE with people like you watching it :pity:
  19. Urm Ryback lifted Tensai on SmackDown the week before RAW, if that's not proof (as if the video isn't enough) then I'm not sure what is.

    Ryback is a much better wrestler, it's pretty silly to actually compare them from an in-ring perspective imo. I'll ignore the immature insults because it just translates to "I'm not smart enough to debate with you", which is cool.
  20. How does hitting one move equal being good or not, Arquette hit a spear on Bischoff, is he better than Kane because of it? The obvious answer is no.
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