Goldberg says he'd return to wrestle one person...

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    Bill Goldberg was on 106.7 The Fan in Washington DC Friday afternoon with former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes. Goldberg and Arrington also happen to be good friends. Here are some highlights from the interview.
    On his and Brock Lesnar’s departure from WWE: “Obviously it was kind of unfinished business. We both left there under circumstances that weren’t the most favorable for anybody, let alone the fans who are the most important at the end of the day.”
    On Brock Lesnar: “Brock, as a young kid, he succeeded in every single thing that he did. To venture out and try to play professional football without having college experience — LaVar will tell you how hard that is. Big pat on the back to him for that. And then going to MMA and succeeding and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. . . Whatever Brock wants to do, I’m in his corner. He’s a good buddy of mine and we talk frequently. I just hope at the end of the day whatever he chooses his health is in a positive note. We all know he’s had some issues over the past number of years.”
    On having one more match: “It’s really tough for a guy like myself. Look at a guy like Animal. Look at Road Warrior. Look at guys who are big power guys. . . the older you get the harder it is to be that guy.”
    His ideal final match would be against Steve Austin: “That’d be a dream come true… that’d be killer. I think at the end of the day they probably don’t trust me enough to put me in there with guys, considering I’m ‘a dangerous guy to work with’ and ‘I haphazardly ended Bret Hart’s career.’ At the end of the day these people have to understand it’s a violent deal, number one. Number two, accidents happen. And number three, that’s why I work in Japan — they don’t cry if you hit them …That’s a joke.”
    Source: PwMania

    Interesting read. I love the cheap shot.
  2. No offense but Brock isn't even that good of a UFC fighter really. I mean before the disease and injuries, he won his championship from some noob!
  3. Re: RE: Goldberg says he'd return to wrestle one person...

    Brock was a phenomenal ameteur wrestler with excellent GNP and knock out potential n the feet. He was a really good MMA fighter when allowed to control, plus that noob he beat was an absolute icon of the UFC in Randy Couture. You're really selling both of them short.

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  4. Goldberg stays the badass.:goldberg:
  5. You calling Randy Couture a noob? Kids these days...
  6. I enjoyed Goldberg back in WCW, but please, stay retired.
  7. In my opinion, if Goldberg was to return for one more match, put Ryback over. Spear him and hit the jackhammer, then he kicks out without difficulty. Then Ryback hits the clothesline and finisher, Goldberg stays down for the three. Makes sense to me.
  8. Wow never knew Brock and Goldberg were friends. Also Goldberg vs Austin would be awesome
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  10. I love when people who don't follow MMA try to talk out of their ass :terry:

    no offense Windy
  11. I knew Dolph would enter :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    In theory, any MMA "noob" should have beaten someone new like Brock. It's like playing Badminton but then entering the Wimbledon Final (tennis, yes, I'm comparing it to Tennis) and winning.
  12. Randy Couture is the opposite of a noob. He was like 43 or 44 years old at the time and was a 5 time UFC Champion in 2 different weight classes. He was one of the first guys they put in the UFC HOF.
  13. Wow, look at those bald headed badasses.:goldberg::rock::austin:
  14. Lmao, rock should stop shaving his head. goldberg vs taker WM 29.
  15. Sorry for not getting my facts right I thought he won the belt from Frank Mir. And even if he is a good fighter he's still a noob.
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