Goldberg Says He'll Wrestle Again

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 24, 2015.

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  2. Go to Japan, brother.
  3. JeffW.
    He was already there, and he was a disaster.
  4. Just thought it'd be cool to see him get his ass kicked. Who/when did he wrestle in Japan? Lesnar?
  5. Wait what? His time in Japan was a disaster for who? The promotion or himself.. if I'm not mistaken his success there led WWF to even open negotiations with him.

    '02 to '03, he wrestled for AJPW against Satoshi Kojima, Rick Steiner (Match for the W-1 promotion) Taiyo Kea and then teamed with Keiji Mutoh against Brian Adams and Bryan Clark (Also a W-1 Match)
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  6. I think his time in Japan was before he came to WWE the first time. I recall him fighting Satoshi Kojima but not sure who else.
  7. Regardless of his personal feelings on Vince McMahon and especially Triple H, money talks and Goldberg has always been a businessman who is all about the money, so I wouldn't throw a one-match return to WWE out the window completely. He'd hardly be the first person in history who knocked WWE but eventually ended up coming back to work for them anyway.
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  8. Fuck Goldberg. I legit only want to see him job to Ryback.
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  9. It was a disaster from a quality standpoint, and it was also a disaster from a booking standpoint, because of his stardom they sacrificed Kojima and Kea to him, the squashes they never really recovered from. They were bound to be aces when they jumped ship with Muto, but then got buried just like that... by delusional Muto.
  10. Not really that excited about this, but it could end up being fine, who knows.
  11. Would Goldberg work in Japan at his age? Would he even be able to keep up with any other guys there?

    I HIGHLY doubt he is going to go to TNA, and wasting his "final match" on an indy promotion would be stupid, so I'm not sure what he means by this, but I'd still love to see him vs Ryback.
  12. A year ago when I was clueless, I really wanted him to come back to wrestling, now I know the shit he pulled in '04 and how old he is... I think it's time to slow down buddy.
  13. Goldberg > the current roster

  14. Well, it's not like he can't handle one Japan match.
  15. I'd rather see Gillberg.
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  16. Have him feud with Big Ryck
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