Goldberg Still Draws

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Mar 23, 2014.

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    I know, not a huge deal, but it's something worth mentioning. People say that he has very little star power nowadays (perhaps so little that he shouldn't even bother returning for a Wrestlemania match) but the fact that a DVD of his matches sold like hotcakes says otherwise. I'd love to see a Reigns/Goldberg match at some point in the near future. It's the best way to utilize Goldberg in a way that'll give the rub to a younger superstar.
  2. I think the problem with Goldberg returning is he doesn't want to return just to put someone over.
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  3. He supposedly said that he would be willing to, just not to "a guy who's been losing all the time." (That's a direct quote of his in reference to Ryback.)
  4. I would definitely mark my little tits off for a Goldberg vs Reigns match.
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  5. It's the most logical match for Goldberg to have if he returned (both guys are powerhouse wrestlers, both have the same finisher, etc.) Seeing Reigns kick out of the spear (and the jack hammer) would be epic.
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  6. I'd go to every bar in town and have them change the channel to Raw all before pissing on myself. But yeah, I don't think he'll come back unless he gets creative control plus more money.
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  7. I'd mark his music still sends shivers down my spine.
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  8. I'd love for Goldberg to return, provided he change his catchphrase from 'You're next!' to...... 'You're a d***!' ......or even better.... 'You're fat!.... and then just spears the a**hole. Why? Well, why not. Goldberg's a jacka**
  9. Dear god just thinking of Goldberg and Reigns facing off makes me mark just a bit
  10. Goldberg can return as long as he doesnt touch a microphone.
  11. Now, would he come back to beat The Ryback? That'd i'd enjoy. Or does he only come back to fight a top teir guy?
  12. I wouldn't have minded seeing Goldberg squash Ryback in three minutes or less at this year's Wrestlemania. If Ryback came out on a Raw, cut an awful promo about how he wants to challenge and defeat Goldberg in a match at Wrestlemania to shut down the Goldberg chants once and for all, but then ended up getting completely destroyed by him, that would have been a delight to see. And really, it's the only way I could ever see Goldberg accepting a match with Ryback at all. However, if I were him, I would want a more high-profile and marquee match than with someone like Ryback.
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