News Goldberg vs Ryback being planned?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Would you guys like to see this?
  2. Ryback vs Lesnar will be enough Goldbeg for me. That shit show will kill the failed idea right away.
  3. It will be fun to watch, Just seeing Goldberg again... :emoji_grin:
  4. No, sorry no. 99% of Goldbergs big moments consisted of his entrance being longer than the matches. No.

    Golddust coming back to WWE and getting Tv time over young talent? Great.

    Goldberg back for 3-4 months to make RVD look enjoyable? No, pass. They fucked up with Ryback, i dont see how having the guy he is cloned from being on the roster making it fresh and WM worthy.

    We only have another couple years of the undertaker, when he quits and kane dies and Mark Henry has to be sexual chocolate again to get matches, THEN we can consider Goldberg again. Ryback will still be stale and lingering around the Main Event, and the fans will STILL easily consider Goldberg to be a powerhouse crusher of people half his age. I want to see Goldberg about as much as i want to see a title run for Backlund or Sgt Slaughter.
  5. No, 2 of the worst wrestlers to ever be in a WWE ring.
  6. Yes, just to see what the fans would chant.
  7. As much as most are complaining I'd bet you'd all tune in to see what happens anyway. I know I would. It'd be worth it just for the theme
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  8. Isn't Goldberg a shad to old to wrestle again? What would be the point anyway? Ratings? Come on... Ryback VS Lesner..No holds barred, no disqualifications... tables, ladders, chairs, iron man match, in a steel cage.... AND NO PAUL HAYMAN!!(or however his name is spelled.)
  9. Add Gilberg and you have got the GOAT match.
  10. Come on WWE book this match!!!!!! Ryback vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania 30 with Ryback winning I wanna see my man Ryback beat Goldberg and prove he is the best
  11. First off; Aids, a Backlund title run would be awesome and you know it. As far as Goldberg/Ryback goes, meh, I wouldn't be a fan but since it'd be a one-off, no problem.
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  12. Goldberg vs Ryback will be the same thing as Goldberg vs Lesnar, except Ryback is less talented
  13. I'd actually like to see this for some reason, yeah I know Goldberg is old now but still. Something about the idea makes me tingle down there. Would love to see Goldberg go over, but that would never happen.
  14. Meh. I don't care for a Goldberg return and don't want him fighting anyone I DO care about, and the same can be said of Ryback. So go ahead, stick 'em together, that keeps them from having a match with anyone else.

    I wouldn't bet anything on this happening, though. Unless Goldberg is just working people in interviews when he says he has absolutely no interest in fighting Ryback, then the match isn't happening. Goldberg has such a huge ego he actually thinks he should be put in a streak match with the Undertaker.
  15. I can just picture it now.. Goldberg and Ryback being apart of one the worst WrestleMania matches in history.
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    They've been gunning for this match since they turned Ryback heel. It's glorious. All the stupid nerds who started chanting Goldberg have up and brought Goldberg back. They just released a DVD and shit. It's happening at Mania. Spear vs Lariat. Let's do this.
  17. I can't imagine Goldberg wanting to lose, so yeah call me interested to see it.
  18. I don't know, I think Ryback is a little beneath Goldberg. Goldberg is a nice novelty, but a little mismatched with Ryback IMO, despite the similarities. I'd rather see Goldberg vs Kaitlyn, lol. It's a match that writes itself. Spear vs spear, with Kaitlyn going over after being Jack Hammered into the mat, laughing at how quick it was, and then pinning Goldberg once he fell asleep.
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  19. So much intentional/unintentional inuendo.
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