Goldberg willing to wrestle Lesnar.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Discuss.
  2. Saw this the other day, not a match that interests me. At all.
  3. It'd interest me just for the occasion and build up.
  4. Because it was so great the last time, right?
  5. I wouldn't mind him back providing he's still in shape. If not then the mystique will be lost imo. To wrestle Lesnar though? Hopefully that doesn't happen chances are they'd half arse it again.
  6. Wouldn't be the best of matches. The build up though would be pretty insane.
  7. I believe it would be a great match to have.
    Personally I would agree to replace the Rock vs Cena match for Lesnar vs Goldberg this WM 28 even though that couldn't happen.
  8. You'd replace Rock and Cena for a match that's already happened and was a mess? :O
  9. Goldberg > Cena
    Goldberg > Rock
    Lesnar > Rock
    Lesnar > Cena
    Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg > The Rock vs John Cena

    It would be cool to have Lesnar vs Cena in WM 29.
    Lesnar always dominated Cena when he was on SD.
  10. Goldberg over The Rock? You can not be serious. :O

    Rock and Cena are both legendary icons. A match no one ever thought would happen, ever. A match much harder to predict than Goldberg v Lesnar. A match which will have better quality of wrestling than Goldberg v Lesnar.
  11. Lol would much prefer Rock v Cena, though this match might be decent for next years mania'. I'd much rather Lesnar face someone current and not Goldberg, the match would be poor. Where as, Lesnar as a dominant returning heel facing Cena, Orton or Bryan would be great.
  12. They are both retired aren't they?
  13. Goldberg is, Lesnar went to UFC. He's only 34 so it's a high chance he'll come back.
  14. What the hell..?

    This match wouldn't be predictable.

    I would mop the floor with lesnar.

    To big guys that can dominate basically anyone in wwe at the moment in a match together would be predictable?
  15. My money would be on Lesnar. Lesnar is amazing, and with the skills he has learned in UFC, he would annihilate Goldberg anyday.
  16. All depends who's face and heel, but it won't happen.
  17. Could Goldberg actually do heel though? In fact could he do anything beside growling and spears?
  18. Lol'd.

    Doubt it. Neither of them probably can if they return, Lesnar is a more realistic option for a heel though.