Goldberg's streak.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Goldberg's streak was one the best booked runs in wrestling history from my perspective but is it just me who feels they ruined it by having Nash end it? It just seemed like a waste, similar to if HHH beat the Undertaker. They were both made men who didn't need to be put over more. So two questions.

    1) Are you glad the streak was ended by Nash?
    2) If not who would you have preferred to have ended it and why?​
  2. First off, good thread Seabs

    I nominate Scott Steiner. It was Scott Steiner who made name for himself toward WCW's demise prompting Vince to offer him a lucrative deal

    Steiner was popular enough to warrant a feud w/Trips right off the bat. The storyline w/Bischoff and Steph fighting over his services

    Steiner is awesome today but 13-14 years younger and they could've ridden that horse, rather than Nash
  3. 1) Are you glad the streak was ended by Nash? Not at all, never have been a fan of Nash's.
    2) If not who would you have preferred to have ended it and why? To be honest I don't know, anyone young who could speak on the mic.

    Nice thread.
  4. I do agree. The streak being ended by Nash wasn't necessary, but then again, who else would you pick? Sting? Steiner? Hall? The Giant?
  5. If anyone, DDP.

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  6. Oddly enough I just watched the match between those two at Halloween Havoc 98. It was probably the best of Berg's career and the pop DDP got when he hit the Diamond Cutter was phenomenal.
  8. Miz should have ended the streak because he has the greatest mic skills of all times.
  9. It's a shame Miz wasn't from that era, he could have ended the streak and became a bigger star than Rock. Well, he's already surpassed Rock.

  10. Well seeing as Goldberg was built as being this crazy physco guy it would have been perfect for him to sort of end it himself
    by being counted out of the match or by using a chair
  11. Wouldn't that have been a huge waste, though? Kind of like Taker getting himself DQed at one WM.
  12. I hated Nash being the one who did it, but in his defense, at least he was very over, and who else would it have been? It would have been a great way to propel a new guy to main event status or something, but I wouldn't trust WCW with that kind of booking.

    The main problem is how they mishandled Goldberg afterwards. He never won the belt again and wasn't used very good in any capacity. He also has perhaps the worst (or one of the worst) heel turns of all time.
  13. Yeah But their gimmicks at the time were at different end of the crazy meter, I mean Goldberg- went around smashed people's limos with his bare
    freaking hand and Undertaker-Went around trying to sacrifice people...just make sense for a lunatic to count himself out that way it doesn't make his character to seem 'weak' enough to get pinned even though he got stunned
  14. NO! Goldberg was not over hyet with WCW! That put belt on him b/c the fans love him! WCW fuck his title run up b/c after he lose the WCW World Title he never won the Wolrd Title again until he when to WWE and when the know World Champion. Nash had nothing gain by winning the title from Goldberg at that point Nash was already big enough star but Nash got his dam anyway and got to win the belt! I still to this day said that was the WRONG MOVE ON WCW PART!
  15. I feel that if my streak were to end, it should have ended another way. Look how that match ended, I got hit with that damn gun and I couldn't do anything about it. I would want to end it to a competitor who could out wrestle me and give me all they got with no interruptions.

    The Undertakers streak is different compared to mine. I believe it is different because he wins and loses but he always wins at Wrestlemania. Since it is not every single match he is winning, it isn't boring and doesn't ruin anything. It wouldn't go right if I were to always win. I would basically be burying everyone for the rest of my career and to be honest I wouldn't be as big as I was if that were to occur. People wouldn't even watch my matches if all I did was win. I would also have the heavy weight title forever and that doesn't sound too bad for me. Just kidding.
  17. He is indeed the real Bill Goldberg, aren't you @[Goldberg] ?
  18. were the prove he is? for all we know it could guy perdate!
  19. He's legit look at this picture he sent me.


    :boss:{It's a joke he's not really Goldberg}
  20. Dude I can find that photo online it the photo ! And then just use print program. it can be anyone. With the trolling that go on online the day with people fake who there are it can be anyone. U need to better prove then that. Just how I give u got prove that I was Gohan6425 on youtube.
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