Golden Era v New Era


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I've recently been watching through some of the early WrestleMania's on the network and the question dawned on me.

Which Golden Era Stars / Main Eventers wouldn't even make the mid card of the new era in terms of ability and performance (Not Gimmick or Charisma)?

Granted different decade entirely and they popped for a drop toe hold back then but who in your mind was the most smoke and mirrors?

Golden Era Circa 1982-1993
New Era Circa 2016-Present

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Warrior, Hercules Hernandez, Lex Luger.

It should be noted that so many of the talents from the Golden Era were playing up for the WWF crowd, and all of them were excellent workers. Hogan in AWA, Japan and Florida was excellent. He toned his style down, and focused on the power moves, over-the-top expressions and other cartoony aspects because that is what worked in the WWF (and generally worked for the market they tried getting).

That wasn't just an 80s WWF things either, WWF was known for having very basic matches even during the Vince Sr. days. Bruno Sammartino is an example of a guy whose matches in New York consisted of holds and a few big power moves, and were generally underwhelming for non-New York fans. However, Sammartino's matches outside the territory were totally different, and got a lot of universal praise.

Luger is the best of the bunch, and had the longevity that the other two didn't have. Neither of them were good to watch, and lived off their looks. The only good match in Warrior's career was against Hogan because Hogan led him through. Luger had some good matches, but most of his matches are a chore to watch. Hernandez was just a roid freak without an ounce of athleticism or ability in him.


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Nailz comes to mind. All of his moves were illegal chokes and brawling. He was a one-note wonder: Once his feud with Big Bossman ended, that was the end of his run. Giant Gonzalez was a formidable threat to the Undertaker but wouldn't cut it in today's era. He chokes, put chloroform on a towel to suffocate his opponent. He had a drawn-out feud with Undertaker for eight months until their Rest in Peace match at Summer Slam '93. Fans would smarten up to his limitations in today's era.

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