Goldust, a true man's man?

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  1. You know since Goldust, a possible hall of famer in my eyes for his character, his success and his ability to give everything he has in the ring, every night.We all know Dustin Rhodes has battled demons all his life, as well as dealing with trying to create own legacy, and not use the Rhodes family name.He understands the business, and respects, and he taught the right ways how to tell a story in a ring.You can't deny Goldust alongside his Brother Cody, not kicking ass and taking names in a big way.Now being a Tag Champion with his Brother, he cleaned himself up, got into shape and understands now hey I'm not going to let my demons control my life, I control my life.I just like to acknowledge Dustin and how he's making a true comeback in the ring, where it goes in the future for him, who knows but I would love to see him get his own training camp up.Any other members want to give their praise to Goldust?
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  2. OH HELL NO!

  3. Absolutely. Goldust has always been one of my favourites. Love or hate the gimmick, the guy has been consistently entertaining for two decades. It's a shame he isn't held in higher regard amongst most fans.
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  4. Anyone who knows jack shit about wrestling and the man that Dustin is will give up the props. The fucking marks might not.

    I will. Goldust is a crazy story. He started out getting over on basically being the anti-Dusty. As a dude who's seen anything worth seeing in the last 35 years, to see Goldust in the ring with his father Big Dust and his younger brother, the future world champion Cody Rhodes is fairly emotional IMHO.

    Goldust clearly has one big angle left in him. This might be it as a babyface, or he may do that heel turn. Either way.... I'm a fan.
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  5. Goldust is one cool motherfucker outside of the ring too. He's a great wrestler and I feel he still has some stuff left in the tank for some story lines or some shit.

    I agree with all the stuff he just said and him telling his wrestling stories was great. He has tons of experience and would be a great guy to teach some one wrestling especially since he's probably been through majority of things. In some parts I felt bad for him tbh and how throughout the years his character got pretty badly destroyed, he was still a good character but was getting buried and was really getting lost in the shelf. This comeback he made has been great and watching him wrestle with Cody and his dad to support has been even better. To be honest I wasn't as big of a fan of him as before but throughout the weeks and this whole Mcmahon story line has really helping him in my opinion. I'm a fan of him definitely.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I loved his return at the Rumble and I loved seeing him compete against The Shield at BG. However, I thought these would be one off ocassions. He adds nothing to the roster that it doesn't already have. Push some younger, more entertaining and more talented guys, and get rid of Goldust.
  8. He adds the ability to tell a story during a match, which was illustrated perfectly on Monday. It's a skill that's being lost, for the most part, on the newer generation of wrestlers.
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  9. Goldust is one of the best characters they've ever had and he's been in plenty of entertaining feuds and segments over the years with the likes of Razor Ramon, Ahmed Johnson, Roddy Piper, HHH, Val Venis, Booker T., etc. I'm glad he's getting one last run in the spotlight.

    Props to Dustin for managing to succeed on his own without just being in his father's shadow his whole life/career.
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  10. Always loved Goldust, alway's been one of my favorite legends, just because of how batshit insane his gimmick was.
  11. I'm a big fan, marked so much when he returned/was added back to the roster. It's great seeing him in the awesome shape he's in and on this big storyline again, he deserves props for sure.
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  13. Golddust is fucking great. My only complaint so far is the lack of seeing the Shattered Dreams on anybody since his return. Unless I missed it?

  14. He's teased it but he always gets cut off. He was trying it on Roman or Seth, and the other guy stopped him. He stopped the interference and then took the guy in the corner and hit a straight up old school bulldog on him.

    Also HOLY FUCK do I love it when Goldust does the inverted atomic drop. I'm worried that no one in the current crop of wrestlers will keep that spot alive. I love that move. Fucking Sting would always do bad-ass atomic drops when he was cleaning house on the nWo. Punch, back hand, punch, kick, atomic drop, death drop. Fuck your shit, New World Order.