Goldust indeed fired

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  1. After a few readers have sent word that Goldust/Dustin Rhodes' file has been moved to the Alumni section of, we have confirmed that the company has released him from his producer position in the past week. From what we were told, something happened at the Smackdown taping two weeks ago that led to the release. Source

    So, Goldust has been released from WWE. Why do you think he was released? Did you think he was going to come back to WWE TV eventually? Do you think he was doing a good job backstage, based on what you know about him? What do you think is next for him?
  2. He'll probably work some small Indie dates before re-signing in a few months. The Rhodes family seem to get on with Vince so I can't see the door being fully closed.

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  3. Yes, probably. It's not the first time he's been released, it's a big possibility that he'll come back eventually.
  4. He ran the divas division. Do you think he did a good job?
  5. Re: RE: Goldust indeed fired

    He did the best he could I guess. Not many people outside of Hugh heffner could get anything decent out of that bunch.

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