Goldust Not Done After WM?

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  1. Meh, Goldust vs Stardust is a match set for WrestleMania or Summerslam. And the best place to do it would either have been last year or this year, but apparently taking one of the best veterans you can call on in-ring and putting him in a tense Brother vs Brother rematch on the biggest stage of them all to set up a Cody Rhodes singles run isn't a good idea and it's better to do it at a later date when Goldust has apparently basically abandoned his hunt to bring back Cody and he's in an overpopulated IC ladder match.
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  2. Yeah, Goldust should've been added into the IC title match, that way his feud with Stardust wouldn't have been forgotten.

    I hope they do something like where either Goldust or Stardust get involved in each other's matches, but that's as if they still want to rekindle Brother vs Brother feud for Extreme Rules.
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  3. I would've liked that, but honestly I'm wondering if an 8 man ladder match would be too populated.

    What if Stardust attacked Goldust after he tried to convince Cody to come back on RAW, and then Goldust interferes in his match at WM31, setting up an impromptu singles match? But then again it needs around 10 minutes and they won't be given that.

    What about Summerslam? I could totally get behind them doing the slow build to Summerslam, and hopefully Stardust gets the MITB briefcase which leads to Career vs MITB.
  4. - WWE tends to book 8 man ladder matches, so they could've done it here with this IC title match, but it is what it is now.

    - An impromptu singles match at Mania? Nah, the odds of that happening are very, very small.

    - SummerSlam is too far away, rekindling their feud for ER would be better, but that's just my opinion, I guess.
  5. For some reason, I can't see that being great for the match. I'm hoping it gets at least 20 minutes, but the amount of proper wrestling would probably be low. But hey, if we get that "so bad it's good" hilarious spot where the guy puts his head through the gap of the ladder step and spins around, while the other wrestlers hopelessly and obviously jump up into it, I'll be happy. It's not a good ladder match without that, IMO.

    Kinda sucks that we can't get it at Mania, but ER will do. I wonder if they will do the same with Miz vs Mizdow.
  6. Goldust vs Stardust has sailed.

    It sailed about 2 years ago.
  7. Well, I guess Stop's right. Shame...
  8. Is the feud really that over with the crowds? That's what I'm hearing as far as what their reasons for dropping it might be. Granted, they didn't exactly jump-start the feud in the most interesting of ways and waited at least a year too late before deciding to pull the trigger on it at all, but still.

    I figured it was best to save their final encounter for Extreme Rules anyway since the Mania card is already stacked enough as it is. They could at least booked Goldust in the ladder match so that they'd both be involved in the same match and going after the same gold, but meh.

    But I'm happy to hear Goldust isn't retiring after Mania regardless of whether they continue the feud with his brother or not. If they let him tap back into his more bizarre side a little bit, a short rivalry with Bray later in the year could be cool. Wyatt could go off into one of his perplexing monologues talking about "broken dreams" and whatnot, between Goldust not living up to his father "The American Dream" and between being betrayed and arguably surpassed by his own brother now as well. Bray could offer to "help" him, blah, blah, blah. The eventual match(es) would be good, and Goldust would have no problem putting him over.
  9. Your right, but I think they can still pull it off, with the proper build-up, and the proper story line. If Goldust wants to stay around after WM, we all know his time is limited, so this match at Summerslam could make sense, and give Cody a good push, in a way.
  10. If I were Dustin I'd prolly just hang it up and be a trainer full-time.. he's made a name for himself over his entire WWE career and no one will forget the Bizarre One for a long time.
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  11. Very true.

    But still, having a final match against his little bro would've been great.
  12. I'd agree if they didn't try it as poorly as they have so far.
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  13. Honestly, if that botch didn't happen at Fast Lane, that match could have been good. But I agree, the buildup is awful.
  14. It wasn't a botch, just a shitty match finish, as we had all expected.
  15. Could have been, although it seemed like a botch at the time. Hopefully this match happens at ER, or maybe even Summerslam.
  16. I'm 110% sure it wasn't a botch.

    I remember we were discussing shitty finishes that would happen at Fastlane at the time and as expected, all of us turned out to be right, Goldust/Stardust match, as well as BNB vs Ambrose had a shitty finish.
  17. Not surprising in the slightest.
  18. Ahh, gotta love WWE's unpredictability.
  19. Here's to hoping it somehow (miraculously) happens at Extreme Rules.
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