News Goldust Retiring From In-Ring Competition Soon?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 22, 2015.

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    - Thought so. Guessing Goldy's last match will be against his little bro Cody (or Stardust). I mean I'd like to see this happen.
  2. They should have a brother -vs- brother match. The promos could be fun, and is there a Mrs Rhodes still around? I'm thinking Owen -vs- Brett with mama being told to throw in the towel.
  3. Oh, this brother versus brother thing is definitely bound to happen.

    But this has me wondering who'll be the face and who the heel... But either way, Cody/Stardust is going over and that's all that matters. This could be a good feud, definitely.
  4. Wait, so they plan on permanently burying Cody with Stardust?
  5. Well, it was to happen sooner or later.
  6. He had a pretty good last run. Like, seriously.
    When they had the firing angle with Cody and he came back to compete, it was awesome. (I was at that show btw)
    Then they had a pretty classic match against Rollins and Reigns.
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  7. Always been a fan of the Bizarre One, good thing he's deciding to fully retire at this point.. hopefully they will do a brother vs brother match to end Stardust character, would rather not see him continue that role.. I miss the real Cody if I'm being honest.
  8. It was a great last run, I really thought this time around it would of been a flop but he really shined out.
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  9. Nah, I think it'll be the other way around.

    And who's to say we won't see Stardust or Cody, for that matter, ever again? If we get Cody vs Goldy, then Stardust goes away. But then again, if they feel like freshing up Cody's character a little bit in the future, then they could bring Stardust up from the ashes again...
  10. Aye, Goldy's looked great ever since he came back to face Orton and get Cody's job back and from that point on, he hasn't let me down...
  11. Stardust is jack shit without Golddust.
  12. Shame if true. One of the last true characters still around.
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  13. Are you and Wk having an inactivity-off? Where are you Senhor Princess?
  14. Thanks Clapton Obvious. Cena will eventually retire, also, at least that's what I hear.

    If they don't have the brother vs brother match, it's proof positive the Rhodes family are and always will be buried. Golddust is the dude and has always been one of my favorite. The dude took a shiny turd of a character and made it watch him never be inducted.
  15. Goldust said he isn't retiring
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  16. I don't like Loldust, but Dustin Rhodes was one of my favorites. I wish Loldust would retire so we can get Dustin back.
  17. You're welcome, Major Dumbass. (just wanted to make that stupid joke some day, thanks for the opportunity)
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  18. Goldust's still got it, for a guy his age, he is just phenominal in the ring and Cody being with him for last 2 years or so has helped him quite a lot. Goldust vs Cody needs to happen, and Cody needs to drop the Stardust gimmick soon. They could tear the house down at WM31, and Cody can go for a big singles run. He deserves it and, being a future WWE WHC in my opinion, he can be a successful face. Just look at him during the whole Authority feud, the guy is good enough and with a small gimmick change, will be great. I'd rather see him as face after WM31, although he can also be a good heel but then again he never really got to show off how good he can be as face.
  19. I was never here.....

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  20. They have different moms. Maybe if Dusty put on a dress and a wig.... I just gave myself nightmares...
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