News Goldust talks about staying in shape

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  1. WWE’s website has a new interview up with Goldust, looking back at his career. He talked about how he stays in shape now:

    “I go to the gym twice a day. I take no days off. I do three days of DDP Yoga and I do Pilates twice a week. Every day I’ve got some kind of program. I’m eating gluten free and properly, instead of putting a bunch of trash in my body. Ever since I got clean and sober five years ago, I fell in love with working out. Not that I lift heavy or anything, but if I don’t go to the gym I feel guilty for not going. If I eat a candy bar, I feel like I have to get on the elliptical. And that’s okay. As long as I’m staying mobile and active, I think it’s good that I found an addiction to that instead of drugs and alcohol.”

    Source: Pwmania
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  2. Cool, good for Dustin!
  3. I felt like this was a direct shot at me.
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  4. It was, I'm Goldust. Hope you like your dreams shattered and steamed.
  5. Why have we not seen a Shattered Dreams yet!? :angry:

    DO IT!
  6. Oh I did it....on yo momma! :pipebomb:
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  7. Hope yo foot didn't get stuck mahn
  8. DDPYoga is the shit.
  9. Didn't even know he was on drugs
  10. Really? How the Golddust character was used NEVER made you think that? Even a little? I know I did.
  11. I just thought he was gay
  12. LMAO, you must have thought gay people were REALLY weird
  13. Well @Queen Chrysalis is really weird
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  14. I blame the 36" plasma (or was it 32"?)
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  15. Awesome that he's in great shape these days, sounds like a good routine.
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