Gomez Will Choke

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Bort, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Klose should be a starter. He's a great big game playa. Gomez chokes in big games. MIRO needs to start, Jo.


    MIRO for president of the world.
  2. Completely agree, just look at how bad he was in the Champions League Final, he missed so many sitters
  3. Agreed he is the LBJ of football lol.

    Are you German Joe? I just realized I don't even know your nationality
  4. Where are you from Dolph's? Don't blame me I just joined the forum. :otunga:
  5. [video=youtube]http://youtu.be/guG9cVs3ms4[/video]
  6. That sounds so much like the Duck Tales song. :ace:
  7. Gomez = Scores lots of easy goals against shit teams and gets called one of the best strikers in the world.

    I'd put Podolski up front for the Germs.
  8. Agreed also. In fact, he'll probably choke on dick. Klose 4 lyfe. :boss:
  9. Why would you drop Klose when he's Germanys top ever striker,
    Just like i cant understand why Hodgson left Crouch out of the England squad. Goals=Wins
  10. And he didn't bring Ferdinand. It's like Spain not bringing Puyol or Pique.
  11. Oh yeah forgot about that, tbh Terry is well past it, hes just a liability now, hed get nowhere near my team,
    Downing shouldnt get in either, hes one of my fave players ever but this season hes been a mess
  12. The fuck you care?
  13. Downing, Henderson and every Liverpool player apart from Gerrard and Johnson shold be out. Terry imo is still pretty awesome, he's solid, nothing more, nothing less. When he jumped in front of a powerful shot head first I fell in love with the guy. He's the type of guy who actually likes playing for England.
  14. Maybe I am overlooking him just because i hate him as a person, i just hate what he did to Bridge.
    And even with Johnson id have Micah Richards ahead of him.
  15. Gerrard hasn't been that good for the pool in the past few years imo, plus he's an injury risk. A.Johnson should have been in but he's not played a great deal. JT is a leader and he'll always put in his all but with the Chelski connection with Cahill gone Lescott and Jags should start, try and recapture the form they had at Everton a few years back. Richards should have gone over Johnson, Kelly shouldn't have been called up at all, Carroll hit some form and could well be a Hodgson player with his defensive out look.

    Imo England should have lined up something like this a few squad changes :


    A.Cole Jags Lescott Richards

    Parker Carrick

    Adam Johnson (AML) Ashley Young (AMR)

    Carroll Welbeck

    Drop Carroll when Rooney is back unless he has a stormer.
  16. This thread is supposed to be about MIRO, not about some random Albion nobodies.
  17. Yeah the move on Wayne Bridge was faggish but on the pitch he's an icon imo.

    Gerrard always performs for England. Even in the friendly, as soon as he went off against Belgium we played shit. He needs to start and captain England. Richards should have gone for Kelly, keep Glen. They both offer something different.

    I disagree with your formation but more or less agree with your team selection.


    Richards (RB) - Jabs - Lescott - Cole (LB) (4)

    Parker - Carrick (2)

    Adam Johnson/Lennon - Wayne Rooney (CF) - Ashley Young (3)

    Welback (1)

    For the first two games you put Young as CF where he's been for two games in a row and start Oxlade Chamberlain (yes, start) on the left.
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