Good Build/Rubbish Match or Bad Build/Great Match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Which do you prefer: A fantastic build with great promos, segments, and everything else resulting in a terrible match, or a rubbish build consisting of mediocre promos and nonsense segments resulting in a fantastic 4/5 star match at Wrestlemania?
  2. Good build up IMO

    example - DB and sheamus @ wm 28 good build up very short and crap match
  3. I can watch a 5 star match over and over again, great promos not so much.
  4. They're pretty much two sides of the same coin for me. I love good/great build and good/great matches almost equally. Bah, I'll take mediocre build and great matches over the other. It is matches that people pay to see after all (on PPV), not talking segments.
  5. I believe a Bad Build/Great Match is better because the moves make the man, not the promos as everyone likes to believe. Still, a little experience in promos can bring you a long way.
  6. Can't decide.

    I guess it really depends on who we're talking about.
  7. CM Punk Vs. Daniel Bryan had ehn build. Great matches though so...
  8. Good build with a crap match because I rather not have to sit through consistent weeks of crap television. It would be much better if it were just one match, so I wouldn't have to suffer as much, unless it's an iron man match between Great Khali and Sin Cara
  9. Pretty much sums up what I was gonna write, i'd rather have interesting promo's, than boring ones building up for weeks.
  10. :mad2::upset::bury::nogusta::shock::zeb::eww1::eww:
  11. The AE was 99% great build/meh matches. Unless you like repetitive brawls for main events at every. single. ppv.
  12. Anything resulting in a 4/5 star match is cool with me.
  13. I guess I'll go with bad build and a good match but it's very close for me.
  14. Bad Build/Great match easily. A wrestling match itself can tell a better story than most good builds, and plus the match is the entire payoff to the story.
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