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    Hello friends, my name is Kooldip, I'm from Canada and I have decided to join this community.

    I haven't used a forum in about half a year, the last place I was at shut down and I was a bit down and out about that, but I decided today that it was time to find a new home!

    Quick tidbits about myself... I like Wrestling (duh), hockey, vidya games, music (mostly metal), anime, photography, playing movie critic, writing and I am an aspiring graphic designer and YouTube sensation, both are in their beginning stages thus far. I'm also here to shamelessly promote my YouTube channel (MrMannProductions) any chance I get... great first impression, eh? lol

    I hope you guys will enjoy having me here, I'm looking forward to my time here.



    (If you're wondering how I even found you guys, I was literally just searching wrestling forums on Google and I ended up deciding to come here)
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  2. Lol god damn... I spelled my username wrong hahaha oh well!
  3. Haha, welcome to the site. I'll fix your username for you because I'm the best person ever.
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  4. Awesome, thanks boss!
  5. It's all good. Got any examples of some of your graphic work? I'm quite interested.
  6. Hey dude, welcome to the forum! What video games do you play?
    (Also, I'm from Ontario)
  7. Beauty, always nice to meet a fellow countrymen lol
    Series I play most and I feel I'm best at are NHL, Pokemon and WWE, but those are the top tier games. I have a top 20 (30 in progress) favorite games list and they're all over the place. I'll post it at some point.

    What about you?
  8. Welcome to the forum dude.
  9. Hah, yes that was good time. We had access to a studio and a crap ton of lights, but we soon learned that having the lights was useless for shooting lightsabers.
  10. I have a long list as well. Although the games I play to this day is limited.

    Grand Theft Auto Series
    WWE Games
    Halo Series
    Pokemon Series

    Although, I haven't played the latest Pokemon series. Hope to get to that one day. As for NHL, I've only played the demo and enjoyed it. Never really got to purchasing it though.
  11. Hey man, welcome to the site, if you got 2K14 or GTA or something you should play with us.
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  12. Aspiring youtube star and likes anime? Jesus we can finally replace Frank with someone who doesn't seem retarded. The day you two clash will be an epic battle, except it would be like a battle between a Moose and george dubya.

    Greetings and hello and insert other stuff here.

    I'll check out your channel later when I get home from work and give you some good old honest critique, which usually just involves me making assumptions and giving advice to someone in an area I have no experience with, but I have a bachelors degree in chatting bullshit.

    toodles and regards and best wishes etc stuff

    Edit: Just as a challenge and since I can't actually watch any videos that don't look like work, describe your channel in less than a paragraph and reel me in. REEL ME IN MOTHER FUCKER THIS IS YOUR ONE CHANCE, THIS IS THE CHANCE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING YOUR WHOLE LIFE no pressure.
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  13. You seem cool. What are some of your favorite animes?
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  14. What are some of your favorite metal bands babe? :otunga:
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  15. Got em both, only play WWE though.

    I'll post my top 10 in a few!

    Lol I have 30 in a list, been working on expanding but it's very tough. I'll post it in a few as well.
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  16. Hey, I remember you! Top poster. Shame about MP, but this place is great too. Welcome, Kool!
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  17. Welcome Kooldip! Missed you man
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