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    "After returning to his hotel after last night's SmackDown tapings Daniel Bryan stopped to sign for a few fans and take pictures. Well then it turned into this line, and apparently Bryan stayed to take pictures & give autographs for EVERYONE. Here's a picture of the line."

    Facebook ain't the most reliable sources but it was on a couple big pages so I felt it was worthy of a post. If its real then awesome, if its a fake report then someone can junk this thread.
  2. who would stand in line to take a picture with this vanilla midget
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  3. Personally I would have been in my hotel room banging Brie if I were him... but that's why I'm not a WWE main event draw and he is.
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  4. Awesome! Great show of respect to the fans.
  5. Good that he did this, but Jesus. They should have let him rest really.
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  6. I guess I can understand this, He is human at the end of the day and working day in day out would be tiring even more so to take picture with fans but the fact that he did it was amazing.
    Hopefully he got a good nights rest after all that.
  7. Off topic but anyone ever wonder if this is what its like with Cena and Bryan with The Bellas?

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