Good image hosting site?

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  1. So what does everyone use? I was using photobucket, but obviously I am posting too much for it as I hit the bandwidth limit for free accounts this month. What do all you forum masters use?
  2. is what I use
  3. Use

    Probably the best one for me, personally.
  4. Thanks guys, I'll look into it
  5. So is it unlimited usage guys? The place seems very bare bones
  6. or (Solidus's site)
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  7. Well I HAVE to try that
  8. I just post my pics and link em. You don't need an account.
  9. Oops lol, oh well
  10. Imgur only keeps 225 of your images available at once so is your best bet.
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  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's unlimited as I have more than 500 pics on it. Maybe it's not.
  12. I use Photobucket... been good so far and I link tons of shit.
  13. Nice, thanks again guys. I'll use and from now on
  14. Well, it is almost the end of the month so it would reset, but that shit is annoying
  15. So it's all black and white photos?
  16. I've been using it since it first came out so I think I grandfathered in... I have over 1000 images and like 5 or 6 videos up there and storage is only 8% full... thinking I'm getting premium without paying because of how long I been there.
  17. Now if I use the "contact" option on gfxf that goes to Solidus? Correct? :burns:
  18. Well its not my storage that I filled up (haha at like 2%), it was the bandwidth I used up
  19. Should do. What do you want to know?
  20. I was just being a troublemaker. I would just send a message that was like "I know this guy Solidus, he has a small dick" or some stupid shit like that.
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