Good mid card feuds over the past few years?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone think of some?

    the first one that comes to my mind is Daniel Bryan vs Miz in 2010 for the US Championship.

    Let me start by saying this. I didn't watch wrestling from about the time I was in 7th grade until 2010.

    I had lost interest, starting chasing girls, devoting more time to my own athletics, ect and stopped watching completely and never really looked back. I basically quit cold turkey.

    Insert: The Miz. It was right after Mania season in 2010... and I was channel flipping and landed on Raw one Monday. It was Jericho vs... the US Champion Miz. I couldn't believe it. This dork who I used to laugh at on the Real World was a wwe mid card champ. And I started watching from there. Coincidentally enough I showed up just in time for Miz's rocket ship push and enjoyed every second of it and marked like a bitch when he cashed in on Orton.

    But before that, we were treated to an excellent feud between Bryan & Miz.

    You had the entire DB getting fired thing, which when he returned he basically stuck it to Miz who had bullied him on NXT (taking his spot in the ME) Miz eventually gets revenge at the end.

    Awesome promo from Miz

    Promo package for their match at NOC 2010

    DB wins the US Title from Miz:

    Another good match coming from this feud was the 3 way at the following PPV, HIAC. Bryan gets a clean win on Miz which basically ended the feud, which lasted from NXT early in 2010 until October at this PPV

    So yea, that was not only the feud that basically brought me back to watching wrestling again, but it was the best mid card feud I've seen since watching again in 2010. Can anyone think of other mid card feuds over the past handful of years that were actually worthwhile?
  2. Cody vs Rey if that counts was very good IMO, Rhodes playing the demented heel was a great mesh with Rey's masked superstar persona. Plus it had one of the subtlest touches of character depth due to Cody's transparent mask which showed he wasn't scarred physically, rather from a mental aspect. He viewed himself as disfgured through paranioa and fear for losing his dashing looks.


  3. I had forgotten about Cody's theme/titantron at that point.. the newspaper headlines is such a hilarious touch. "grotesque!" "Disfigured superstar lashes out!"

    good shout. That feud was my first time paying much attention to Rhodes and he delivers.
  4. CM Punk and Jericho last year lol.
  5. Lulz.

  6. The worst thing about this is you can't dispute it...:nogusta:
  7. It wasn't just that match either. Punk was a glorified mid carder for most of his WWE title run.
  8. The one's you mentioned.

    - The Miz and Daniel Bryan
    - Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio

    Randy Orton Vs. Kofi Kingston was good until Orton fucked it up.

    (Yes, I consider it Upper Mid-card Vs. Mid-card)

  9. Oh god I miss a relevant Cody so much ffs. Thanks for sharing that video Seabs, forgot just how good he was.

    Main ones I remember are the Smackdown 2011 Orton feuds with Rhodes and to a lesser extent Wade.
  10. I enjoyed ADR & Rey. I think that feud really helped Alberto build as a heel.
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