Good movies?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mike., Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Seen all these need fucking more

  2. Seen warrior with Tom Hardy in?
  3. One of the best films that I've seen in a while.
    At the end, where his arm breaks and he keeps going, amazing.
  4. Debating to download warrior..
  5. Only because I introduced you too it.

    But yeah Warrior is amazing. Nice one spoiling it btw Xanth lolol.
  6. No, I had it downloaded, you just convinced me to watch it so you could watch Limitless.
  7. Downloading it now, and watching real steel, hockey game on it 50 mins
  8. 8 Mile, The Machinist, Elephant, The Collector, Se7en, The Tunnel (2011), The Karate Kid (1985), Rocky 2.

    Best movies ever.
  9. What one is Rocky 2 again?

    Also, is The Collector decent? I love 8 mile :emoji_slight_smile:.
  10. If you haven't watched gran torino, watch it. Awesome movie.
  11. What's it about mate?
  12. Darn, hard to explain watched it ages ago. Its about an guy, loosing his wife etc who's been in a "fight" with his asian neighbours, etc. Although that changes they became friends all that shit, then he passed away (got killed) and yeah thats pretty much it. I suck at explaining movies :wohow:
  13. Lmao so basically a guy loses his wife, makes up with neighbours and dies. Sounds extraordinary. :troll:.
  14. Well thats just my nooby explanation >< It has an good story and everything in it is good, you should watch it. Checking a trailer might help.
  15. Probably will. I'm not the sort for sad movies (I presume it's sad because he dies). Still not watched "I Am Legend" yet because the dog dies... yeah, I'm a woman I know. :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. Na you aint a woman lolz! It isn't really sad I guess. I didn't "live" it as such. Its kind of inspirational though, I guess? Also if you haven't a must watch for this year is Real Steel (the dvdrip got released a few days ago). And lol, you'll consider me a 10y.o now but G-Force is actually good too.
  17. Watch Date Night or Pineapple Express, funny as shit.
  18. @[Extornia] is G-Force not about hamsters or gerbils? Something along those lines?
    And @[Crayo] even though that was a bad film explanation, you'd like Gran Torino.
  19. Fast Five, American History X, The Blind Side, Fight Club, Hotel Rwanda, Pursuit of Happiness or Tropic Thunder.
    Just suggestions.
  20. Yeah its about hamsters, that are special agents lmfao. Its fun tho.