Good ol JR, the crazed Bell's Palsy Anti-Hero!

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  1. What were/are your thoughts on this angle WWE ran following JR's bout with Bell's Palsy following the death of his mother? It was early in '99 (you'll remember Cole was announcing around this time) and then they bring JR back and he is going crazy, demanding respect, kicking people in the dick, ect. On one hand he made good points about how he was viewed, and on the other he was a complete dick and the crowd didn't seem to approve of his words or antics lol.

    If you can't remember/didn't see the angle here is about the only clip I can find from the time I'm talking about (maybe somebody else can post more vids)

    Forget lame ass CM Punk or Gohan. Respect JR
  2. It was a good angle because up to that point he had been fucked with a lot. It gave him a chance to vent and kick some ass for once, instead of the one getting his ass kicked.
  3. JR was and is the only man as the voice of the WWE for me and this angle gave him opportunity to vent some of his frustrations live on air as part of a story. Never did him no harm and as we all know JR is a legend and one of the best commentators ever.
  4. I remember watching the segment where he kicks Cole in the nuts, it was pretty good. I think he was supposed to be a heel but the crowd reacted positively, I don't know. But it was pretty good indeed. Demanding respect and stuff.
  5. Never seen this before and it look like JR's Bell's Palsy settled down a bit since then or maybe it was because he was less wrinkled back then.

    As far as the segment goes that was pretty damn bad ass, I wonder how things would be if JR had to continued to be like this instead of getting his ass kicked years after this.
  6. Would be pretty cool to see JR doing this nowadays. Getting Cole out of there with a kick to the dick and such. :lol1:
  7. Seemed really pointless to me.
  8. Half the time I think they were just going for as many unique characters as possible and letting the crowd boo or cheer whoever they wanted. Faces and heels were not clearly defined at all around this time.
  9. The only thing I remember from all this was that he was supposed to be a "heel" and he had his own custom made commentator table, and the WWF scratch logo on the front of the table was replaced with the letters JR, done in the same form as the scratch logo. Thought it was all kinda lame, tbh.
  10. I guess I just like it when real life situations are made into storylines
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