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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Crayo, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Planning on adding awards like "RAW mark", "SmackDown Mark", "NXT mark" etc to the site. Why? Because I see plenty of users with online gimmicks. Let me explain.

    There's users who are genuine wrestling fanatics, users where 80+% of their posts are all in the wrestling sections. Those types of users are contenders for enthusiast and eventually BITW. I've seen users who have an ultra-obsessino with the lower shows like Superstars, NXT and (forgive me TNA marks, I'm going by viewers) TNA. I'm sure all you members who come on daily can categorise those members right now.

    But the awards won't be simply given out for constantly expressing your love for the show, it'll be based on how much you POST about it and make THREADS about it. Jose Tortilla for example would be a shoe in for the Locker Room award.

    Good, bad? Too many awards? We could just have one "Gimmick" award, where many users have recognised you have a gimmick (Dolph's negativity, Rainman's quality, Seabs' whit, Big Hoss's smilies/YT bossing, Leo's wrestling posts, Xanth's weight). Let's discuss this shizzness.

    DO IT!
  3. I like that Gimmick Award idea, but the other one could work too.
  4. The more I think about it the more I prefer the gimmick award too. But we might see try-hards gimmicking to get it. I'll make it so users can't nominate themselves for it.

    Randy Savage will definitely receive.
  5. Isn't the grammar nazi award Savage's tribute?
  6. Sounds good to me.

    RAW mark for me.
  7. Meh

  8. In my honest opinion, there's too many awards on here already, why do we need more of them? I already don't know what 3-4 of them are even made for. Sorry. :true: It's like they serve for midnf'ng only.

    But about this particular award here, why not? Could be fun. #ImpactMark
  9. IMO we could drop the Grammar Nazi, Joker, Donator (whilst appreciating donations one award is enough imo) , Google checkout, competition winner ( most contests are for the predictions cup, possibly only bring this back for when we actually have site contests) and uploader. That's 6 dropped adding in a gimmick award and or a WWE / TNA mark award would work out well.
  10. TNA mark sounds good to me.
  11. :true: too. I agree with most of the Seabs' post.
  12. I agree. But removing them means the users who have them will no longer (obviously). Not really too fair, we could always just discontinue them and cross them out like we've done with twitter. Meh, I might remove instead, I'll think about it.

    As for checkout, I want to keep that one. Google Checkout because of currency is more expensive than PayPal, so they get an extra something to make up for it.

    WWE and TNA mark would be really hard to get, else everyone's going to have them. It's like making a football forum and rewarding football fans. I think I'll make them stat awards, IE, once you hit X post count in WWE or TNA sections you get it, no one would know the X ofc.
  13. I would love this
  14. Maybe not an "award" per say, but maybe a little addition to the status box thingy on the left or whatever you call it.

    Maybe next to my name, for example, there will be a yellow "X" on the left, and a gold medal on the right, and you can scroll over to see what they mean. That way whenever a new user comes onto this site, they'd see that Rainman's an HQ NXT mark. For Hoss, you can add a red box (Raw) and the YouTube icon.
  15. I like the mark award idea, but not the gimmick award idea. I also resent that my negativity is viewed as a gimmick.
  16. Not a gimmick as in a fake persona, a gimmick as in your personality.
  17. Well still. If you make that award keep it far away from my trophy case.


    I'll gladly accept your TNA mark award though.
  18. Going for a TNA award like a boss. :boss:
  19. So Seabs is planning to take all my awards away..

  20. Luckily for you I have no power.
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