Good ROH matches?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Urn Anderson, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Anyone be able to point me to some good ones? started to get into it after a match with Generico/Colt vs Kings of Wrestling. :obama:
  2. You should obviously start with Aries-Punk, Aries-Joe, Punk-Joe matches back from 2004/2005 to see how and what the things are all about in ROH. Then watch some of the epic Nigel McGuinness-Danielson feud, Briscoes on their prime (every match with them is fun), Kings of Wrestling vs. MCMG you have on YT I think, then Steen-Generico from Final Battle 2010, Tyler Black reign, Austin Aries 2nd reign, Richards-Edwards Best in the World PPV match from 2011 and so and so on. Tons of stuff, just search the names I've given you. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Thanks. :otunga:
  4. Testify/Others interested, I'm curious to what you made of the last of the Aries/Punk series? I watched it a couple of months ago and thought it was such an awful ending. The start through to the middle I seem to recall thinking was absolute perfection, some great technical stuff and some cool spots(Love how Aries takes a barricade bump). Then the end turned into a load of false finisher crap where Punk just no sold everything Aries hit on him pretty much. Thought that just sucked.

    Interested in what folk with a more informative opinion have to say, cause that match seems to be so highly rated by so many.
  5. I don't know, it was also not very good for me. Decent at best, but that's it. Maybe they weren't on good terms with how they're gonna end the match, since they're both arrogant people (yah, A Double too).

    Also OP, watch Ladder Wars I and II; Briscoes vs. Steen and Generico (SICKKK) and American Wolves vs. Steen and Generico.
  6. Very recent match that is SUPAAAA CRAZZZYYYYY would be,

    Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole Hybrid Fighting Rules
  7. Oh yeah, Best in the World iPPV. Very intense stuff, I gave it around 4 stars.

  8. I wish i would have known that we had a section for independents. I just stumbled into this today somehow.
  9. Man, I love Daniel Bryan.
  10. That match was the bees knees and hands up ass awesome.
  11. I could watch his ROH matches all day long. Hell, i have haha

  12. Sad Panda - This one has a few guys you may know.
  13. Watch KENTA vs. Low Ki from Glory by Honor 2005. Close to a 5star match.
  14. Testify knows what he is talking about +1
  15. Watch all of Kenta's matches if you get the chance. He is a top 5 wrestler of all time.
  16. Top 5? Of all times? Sorry, but hell no.
  17. Really? I guess agree to disagree
  18. Sorry I meant to post about Kenta Kobashi not Kenta Kobayashi. I always confuse the two for some dumb reason
  19. The ending worked from a psychological and emotional stand point (an art which is lost in wrestling currently IMO) this was Punk's last shot at fulfilling his dream from a year before and winning the title, the no selling worked because he was desperate to it. A true emotional rush, kind of like Taker vs Trips at Mania this year. Especially the symbolism of Punk powering out of the plunge, it was a manic but magical sequence. Then again I am a fapping Punk fan boy.

    Any who OP grab Steen vs Generico obviously, Nigel vs Danielson ( I love unified personally), Tyler Black vs Austin Aries, Bry vs Aries, Morishima and practically anyone will do. Low Ki vs Danielson vs Daniels, Hero vs Edwards, Low Ki vs Kenta, Team ROH vs Team CZW, Punk vs Joe (the whole trilogy but at least 2.) Briscoes vs Steenerico.
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  20. I never looked at it in that way at all, good post.
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