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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Chris1990slater, May 4, 2013.

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  1. Is it just me who thought smackdown was actually pretty good this week for once.
    -Loved seeing D Bryan in singles action again
    -Fandango is gold
    -Shield running riot and having a decent match with kane
    -And a bit of something different with swagger and del rio and ziggler
    Any comments?
  2. It was an alright episode compared to what we normally get, yeah. Opener and ME get my highest praises though.
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  3. I really enjoyed it. I don't care for Fandango but I did enjoy watching Daniel Bryan and Kane in action this week. The Shield was fantastic as always.
  4. So do i watch this and just ignore the past three weeks vs other shows? Im actually down on Fandango's deal, and DZ and ADR are smackdown mainly right?
  5. How dare you leave out Khali giving Kaitlyn dating advice. :tough:
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  6. The more I think about it the more I can't get over how great a TV match Bryan/Ryback was. The two need to work with each other again, both guys come out of it looking good and we get an enjoyable match.
  7. Did you watch the SD after D'Z won the strap? Watch his stuff on that one. Apart from that, two Del rio/Swagger matches as well as Ambrose's with Kane and Taker are about all that are worth watching. Oh, and of course Khali's bitter fued with Primo and Epico over a parking space.
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  8. It was a decent Smackdown honestly, not that good though.
  9. I enjoyed the show it was pretty good for what they actually are...​
  10. It must be better, because I watched three segments this time instead of just one.
  11. Haha Khali cracks me up.... comedy gold, Seriously though what did he say?
  12. Because someone else understands him :pity:
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