Good signing, Ozzie. McClain arrested again

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  1. :haha: He looks like a right stuck up, worthless person.
  2. Personally they should just sack him and he shouldn't get a cent of his contract!
  3. According to spotrac he didn't have a signing bonus so it won't hurt the cap to cut him. So do it, Ozzie.
  4. I really doubt they cut him. They didn't bring him in to be a choir boy, they brought him in to play football. Chances are they knew he was an idiot off the field. Reality is you have him at I believe the league minimum? or something close? I read the quote that he makes less than your long snapper. If you can get an above average starting 3-4 ILB for league min. you still do it even if he is a moron.

    Sad thing is I think he can do well for you guys in that system if he puts practices hard.

    This kind of thing happens with him when he goes home to Alabama, I'd just tell his ass not to go home during the season and we are straight. Sounds like a minor incident anyway, pretty much a case of rich black guy in small Alabama town = cops are going to fuck with him.
  5. Above average LB? Really? Heard he was awful in Oakland. Think the idea when bringing him in was that he'd be a lot more comfortable with the rest of the crew from 'Bama, he was always best behind Cody and next to Upshaw.

    He's making 1.1 mil, pretty cheap for a starting LB as you say. The south isn't THAT racist.
  6. I have family in Alabama....and yes it is that bad.
  7. He had a bad year last year. He was good as a rookie and really good as a 2nd year player. He was playing in a 4-3 scheme he isn't fit for and they were asking him to do things he shouldn't have been doing ie cover the deep middle of the field in a cover 2. In a 3-4, the scheme he thrived in at Bama, he has one gap responsibility and can do more reading and reacting to the play as opposed to having to do all of the different things 4-3 mic LBs are asked to do in certain schemes.

    Besides our entire defense was a joke last season and he was benched for hit attitude more than anything. The guy has a ton of potential, believe me. Above average LB is the worst you are getting. I think he can be really good for you all. No joke. He is a moron though if he keeps putting himself into the same situation to get in trouble over and over again.

    edit: As for the attitude thing, he basically told Al before the draft he didn't want to come to Oakland before the draft and we took him anyway. He was never happy here
  8. Alrighty man, sounds good. I'll trust your judgment on him then. I'm fine keeping the guy around if he's shown he's a capable NFL linebacker and not just Ozzie doing a solid to a Bama kid like so many Ravens fans have been saying (typical internet mindlessness)

    What about Michael Huff? From what I've heard he's one of the "jack of all trades, master of none" players. If so that's fine.

    Wait, why did you guys take Rolando anyway? Kirk Morrison was solid and you had needs elsewhere...
  9. He needs to get it together.
  10. Wow, just wow. Ravens should release him.
  11. Morrison was cut the year before IIRC. Morrison was the master of 100 tackle seasons without actually making an impact. He would tackle RBs 10 yards down the field and things of that nature. He was the definition of league average. McClain was a big name for the biggest program in the land and he played well in big games; that is a typical Al Davis pick. Play well in big games = get paid by Al. I could give you 100 examples, but the easiest is JaMarcus Russell. Lane Kiffin said as soon as Al saw the Sugar Bowl he knew he wanted Russell.

    As for Huff? I've met him a couple of times and he is a great dude. He has his head on right and IMO was a victim of the Raiders terrible defensive system. Good wheels and a decent man to man cover guy; he can hold his own against most TEs. He even played some CB for us last season and was decent enough at it for being a converted safety. His one achilles heel is probably tackling, as he is prone to A.) take bad angles at times and B.) use improper tackling technique ie going up high/arm tackling. He wouldn't have been let go if not for his massive Al Davis contract that McKenzie didn't want to foot the bill on.

    They are two talented players that weren't utilized properly because we are the Raiders. The Ravens will probably be a lot smarter about accentuating their strengths and not their weaknesses like we did.
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