Goodbye Axel lol Ryback has took your place

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 22, 2013.

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  1. Goodbye Axel lol Ryback has took your place as the new Paul Heyman guy did you see how Axel just wheeled out Paul then just went to the back and Ryback had the spotlight with Paul and now its been confirmed he will be with Paul. I told you all Axel would fail and I was proved right once again. Axel should of been released years ago when he did that horrible promo on NXT 2. Ryback is the king now and im loving it
  2. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  3. Close this now please.
  4. Both will be busts (assuming Ryback really is a "Heyman guy") lol. Ryback should be kept away from any big storylines. Just have him squash jobbers (namely so I can see his stupid ass walk :happy:), and keep the backstage segments.


  5. He's still doing that sort of stuff, at least on Smackdown this week. He's claiming that everyone are bullies and that he "hates bullies". He made up some fun shit on the jobber he was gonna beat. The Big Guy only has an entourage now.

  6. Well, that's good to know. I don't want him involved in anything really serious but goddammit I love his segments. Fucking comedy gold, whether intentional or not. I guess I don't really mind this Punk/Heyman interference crap, since, well I don't care for this Punk/Heyman crap in general (aside from Lesnar).
  7. I'm loving Ryback these days. They finally figured out a way to make him entertaining with this bullying gimmick instead of continuing to go down the Goldberg 2.0 route. His black 'Ryback Rules' vest is awesome, too. He's a much better fit for a Paul Heyman guy than Axel was. If only they can get Axel off my screen completely... maybe have Ryback destroy him into oblivion for failing to put Punk down or something...
  8. I love Ryback. I love BLFFL. I love life.
  9. You want to see Axel away and Ryback on TV? So lets take a bag shit wrestler and replace the good one with him.
  10. No. It's replacing a charisma vacuum with someone with charisma. Heyman and Ryback can have the Heyman/Brock chemistry, the Axel experiment is a bust and he needs some tweaking.
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  11. I think BLFFL's genius is starting to rub off onto the people in this thread. Ryback Rulez. lol.
  12. It's not about you being right or wrong, it's simply a part of a storyline. I imagine this will start Axel's face turn and introduce him to new opportunities in the WWE. As far as Ryback, this bully gimmick looks like it's here to stay and being paired with Heyman could breathe the life into his career that he so desperately needs. It could be a much-needed fresh start for both Axel and Ryback.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. Oh my, I want Bray Wyatt to murder that little twat.
  15. That was 1D when they were younger. Yeah, they were the same stupid man!
  16. Axel is a fairly decent performer but nothing too special. He's not the kind of guy where I'd ever say "this guy might be void of all charisma but MAN, he puts on great matches." I can name a lot of guys (Jack Swagger as far as the current roster is concerned) that are/were good or great performers in the ring but their lack of an interesting personality prevents me from ever becoming invested in them. Personality is somewhat more important to me than wrestling skill is, and the same goes for the casual audience. If I wanted to see just a wrestling clinic, I could get my fix from watching Ring Of Honor or something similar.

    Plus, I like Ryback's smash mouthed style in the ring. He not only has more charisma presently with his Bullying gimmick but more presence in the ring than Axel does as well.
  17. Axel isn't amazing yeah but Ryback? Guy has some charisma but the guys a bag shit, His mic skills are mediocre and his in ring is plain bad.
  18. Ryback still rules
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  19. Ryback is still the same bag of shit he was a year ago
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