News Goodbye, Bálor Club!

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 29, 2016.

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    And now we shall call it The Finnsiders! :balor:
  2. How about "Jobber Squad"?
  3. Good. Balor club was one of the dumber names out there
  4. Cant be Balors club when AJ runs it.
  5. Bálor Club has never taken off as a faction, although it was long assumed it was going to be one since Gallows and Anderson got signed, but then went straight to the main roster instead.

    So far, Bálor Club has only been a T-shirt design. And I guess the name to describe Finn's fanbase. Cena has his Cenation, while Finn has his Bálor Club.
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  6. Damn Waco people.

    Oh, wait.......

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  7. No reason to call it Balor Club, when The Club is already around.
  8. I bet WWE loathes the fact that they hired Anderson & Gallows but don't have the rights to the Bullet Club name
  9. They tried to purchase the rights to BC, but NJPW told 'em to fuck off.
  10. Why does New Japan want the Bullet Club anymore? They're virtually non-existent anymore. The only original members are Fale and Tonga and they hardly ever do anything with the Club as a whole. The other members are really just there, and the Club has lost it's steam, it seems. Los Ingobernables are far more over, and a far better booked invaders stable.

    New Japan should've sold the rights to WWE, made a pay day and got on with their product.
  11. NJPW won't sell the rights for the same reason that WWE won't sell the rights to the "nWo" or "D-Generation X" names. It was an important part of the company's history and they don't want somebody else making money off of their owned product.

    Plus, as long as they hold those rights, they can continue using it and, even after the stable does inevitably fade, there will always remain the possibility of bringing back a new version of the stable. This is actually the case where WWE's often-hostile relationships with other promotions bites them. Because, if they had maintained a positive relationship with New Japan over the last few years, there's the possibility that NJPW would allow them to use the name for a nominal fee/in-kind payback/something along those lines.

  12. I don't see this as a setback of any kind. They can come up with a new bad-ass name for the Kliq.

    Or not... whichever. And why can't he still be the leader? That's the foreshadowing that's been going on the entire time. They're saving Finn because he's going to be a lynchpin of this company for the next 5-10 years. The Demon merch is gonna sell millions. Whichever way they decide to go with him, it's going to be one of the biggest debuts in years.
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