News Goodbye Divas Championship?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Majour, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. well since the bellas are leaving and they were mainly divas (aside from Eva), this is a good thing.
  2. Even if the women's title is brought back the term diva will still remain. As long as the men are called Superstars the women will be Divas. As it has been since the late 80s
  3. As long as that POS butterfly belt is gone.
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  4. That's nice, if true.
  5. Well that we can agree on
  6. I hate that Barbie belt. I hope this is true.
  7. The term "Diva" started a lot later than that. I don't even recall women in the AE being referred to as such. I think it was a term they really started marketing as the official term for females around the time the Ruthless Aggression era began.

    If they're really serious about treating the female division with the same respect as the men's, then why not just let the term 'Superstar' be a broad description for both the men and women?
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  8. Sunny is considered the first diva by the WWE. Sable was called a diva, Trish was referenced as diva frequently as well. It only got prominent in the RA because the women's division got big and consistent then. Before that WWE has always flip flopped on the size of their womens division or if they even have one.
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  9. So they can go back to that vanilla championship from before? Lol

    The butterfly belt is fine. Even though there is likely to be complaints about the new belt too, why not embrace innovation (unless of course they revert to the old and uneventful belt from before)?

    The butterfly belt was a great idea. Many, many optimistic women love butterflies. Its the jaded and bitter ones that seem to hate them (this isn't a shot at Majour either... if she has issue she's free to PM me)

    I'd wager to suggest most WWE divas are high energy, optimistic types who identified with the butterfly design.
  10. You're too much :booker2:
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  11. Oh I personally find the butterfly title to be somewhat offensive, as I also did with the term Diva. In my view it trivializes women as wrestlers and athletes. The belt seems very girlish and butterflies are dainty. To me it says that women have to be dainty and can't be tough and hard nosed brawling monsters like the men are. Those of us who really like women's wrestling know this is bullcrap. You don't have to look further than Mae Young, Sensational Sherri and Awesome Kong to know the women can be tough a vicious as well.

    And to be clear, that's just the impression I get of the belt and I'm not saying that is the intention in any way
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  12. This is the exact reason I hate that belt.
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  13. Good, as long as the newly-renamed women's division is truly taken seriously. This and a Takeover-quality match on Sunday will be a huge step forward.
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  14. Just the term alone is offensive, really. When you think "diva" you think "spoiled bitch", you think Paris Hilton. The term is constantly used in a negative fashion. "Oh Terrel Owens is such a diva wide receiver... Fuck that guy".

    Anyway, this would be nice to see. Never been a fan of the belt or the stupid term.
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  15. Imagine the night after Wrestlemania and the winner of the triple threat cutting a massive anti-diva promo, then throws away the old diva's title and brings out the new one. I'd fucking mark the shit out of that.
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  16. And Nikki can retire as the longest reigning Diva.
  17. Agreed and I think this sort of implies a new champion. In the past (not always but sometimes) a new champion is crowned before introducing a new belt.

    Only thing I'm thinking though is that it might be Becky. She seems more like the type to toss out the old belt because it's too dainty. I'm personally hoping for Sasha Banks but who knows.
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  18. I'm hoping with the thin card for Wrestlemania that they'll let the women go all out in that match.
  19. It can really go to any of the three that. Sasha can say that "a trash belt like this has no value The Boss." and Charlotte can go off about how "a belt deserving of my time and energy should not look like a child's toy."
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