Goodbye Johnny and good riddence

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Goodbye Johnny and good riddence :emoji_slight_smile: thank god hes fired maybe now things can get better
  2. I will miss you Johnny Ace. You were the best thing to happen to RAW in a long time.
    Now RAW will fucksuck more than KK.

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  3. Oh god why? Why did he have to go, please Vince please forgive him,give him his job back! R.I.P Big Johnny Ace.
  4. @[Mattam]

    Spread it brother
  5. It will be done.
  6. We'll see him tomorrow. Noobs.
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  7. Hush...I'm feeding the trolls :troll:
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  8. Johnny Ace > Kelly Kelly
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  9. :pity:
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  10. Anythings better than Kelly Kelly. :dawg:
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  11. Johnny will prevail.
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  12. I could not have said better myself good riddence! BRING BACK TEDDY LONG!
  13. I will laugh at you when Johnny get's his GM position back and when CM Punk get's defeated by Daniel Bryan.
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  14. NO! HE FIRE! And Punk vsing Kane at MITB TO KEEP THE AJ FEND!

  15. Who is Kane facing? Isn't he feuding with D-bry? :otunga:
  16. wut

    I'd be happy with Teddy... He usually just announced the match and left. Don't stick a stupid storyline around him and everything will be fine.
  17. So apparently Johnny is fire, I know he's hot but actually flaming seems to be pushing it.
  18. Daniel Bryan isn't out of the title picture. He's going to become the WWE Champion.
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