News Goodbye Solomon Crowe

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Nov 24, 2015.

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  1. /Pwinsider Elite.

    Welcome back Callihan death machine.

    Where does he go? Back to Evolve or does he give ROH or TNA a run?
  2. Back to EVOLVE, PWG, CZW, the place he was at before WWE.

    tbh, it's quite understanding why he left, he had been on TV for a while since the summer and all that's happened is that he's been jobbed out with no push or direction despite the hyped up debut he had.
  3. So much potential, wasted. At least he'll have more of a spotlight elsewhere.
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  4. Classic WWE :fact:
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  5. Goodbye, Crowe.

    I'll enjoy seeing you wherever you go, m8.
  6. I would be upset but they dropped the ball with him multiple times.
    Hopefully he'll make a quick return to the indies.
  7. He was better off in the indies.
  8. It's times like this the WWE sucks, like they hire these amazing indie guys and they just throw them out because "they don't look good", Crowe totally deserves better and will find better
  9. It just sucks because the originally planned gimmick they were running with Sami was perfect for him. But by time they debuted him it was cut, and instead he was an ungeround savoir with only pieces of the hacker gimmick alive.

    Not only that, but the finisher they gave him was so lackluster. Ambrose stopped using the headlock driver, why couldn't he use it? The one thing going for him was his music, but even that was taken away after the first couple of weeks.

    Sami could've made it, they just didn't even give him the tools to try and craft an opportunity.
  10. Better off being his own boss. Glad he found his new home.
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  11. His new home will be in another big promotion if the rumors are true.
  12. Grass is not always greener on the other side, doubt he go tna unless he is stupid. Am a fan of his, his pre wwe look etc was perfect
  13. Hopefully he stays away from New Japan. I will be happy not seeing him compete in a 30-man tag, every month.
  14. If the rumors are true he's going to a place more honorable if you catch my drift. Also possibly with the occasional stop to get sushi.
    Now we just have to get through the 90 day no TV clause.
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