News Google being sued over celebrity nudes?

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  2. Oh sighh... Google to blame? Please!!! from what I remember when Celebgate or the Fappening started they sent many requests to Google to take down the photos and close accounts and a bunch of other requests in regards to that.. and what did Google do? They removed a LARGE majority of them and closed a LOT of accounts.. it's really hard to remove everything as soon as it gets released on the internet I mean you never know how MANY people had those pictures saved/downloaded to their computers and could just keep spreading them
  3. Wasn't it the icloud that got hacked? So shouldn't that be on Apple?
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  4. That would be my call too.. I'm trying to read articles on why Google should be anywhere close to blame but they don't really make much sense to me when making their argument..

    If anyone finds anything on the reasoning why they think Google should be held responsible I'd surely like to hear it, I might be partially buzzed but I just don't see it from initial readings.
  5. Google have no responsibility for what users upload, just like any other file sharing site that has an ounce of sense about them. All Google can do it delete content that is made aware to them, and that's exactly what they did. Do these celebrities even understand how Google works? I bet they think someone sits and saved every image and uploads it to the Google servers that appears on Google images. What is with famous people and suing? It's pathetic.
  6. Essentially just an overly dramatic way to ensure better security for these sites in the future. It's a double edged sword imo, and Spot is right - Apple should be the one biting the bullet on this one.
  7. Apple weren't hacked, neither was the iCloud servers. It was a fault with the 'FindMyiPhone' app that allowed them to send unlimited amount of login attempts without any stopping. Like, if you try to login say 3/5 times wrongly normally it says please wait 10 minutes or whatever, the app didn't though (since been fixed.) - the hackers essentially just kept trying passwords until they got it right. From what I've read, anyway. An iCloud hack seems highly unlikely.
  8. I thought it was Icloud login that was done, i know it wasnt a hack and that it was just a spambot? used to try to figure out the password/reset password deal.
  9. The pictures were taken from iCloud but the actual 'hack' was just a bruteforce on the FindMyiPhone app. Once they found the right password they just had to login to the iCloud account with the email/password as if they were the owner. Because of the sheer amount of leaks I find it hard to believe this was the case for all of them. Some of them will have been directly hacked, either an exploit in iCloud or one theory I found was at gatherings like the Oscar's and such, they would login to the free WiFi at the venues and there were people their snooping the network and everything was sent unencrypted. So everytime a celeb took a picture it was instantly sent to the cloud, which in theory could be intercepted if someone was snooping on the network at the events.
  10. But they do have a responsibility to keep our accounts and files secure. That's what I expect of them as a paying Google Drive user.
    Uploading directly to Google Images is not possible, and Drive is not a file sharing service. Google offers nothing like that.
  11. People will sue anybody nowadays just to make some money, regardless if it's their fault or not.
  12. Not sure what you mean by this tbh. Are you implying they shouldn't be deleting peoples accounts that hosted the pictures, or that people shouldn't be hosting them there then moaning when they got deleted cause it ain't a file sharing site? Or neither of those? :dawg:
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