Google links its email service to social network, raises privacy concerns

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  1. Gmail users could soon start receiving letters from people who don’t have their e-mail address, as Google has launched a new feature linking its e-mail service with its social networking. Privacy experts have voiced concern.

    Gmail and Google+ users were alerted of an update to these services on Friday.
    “Ever wanted to email someone you know, but haven't yet exchanged email addresses?” the Google information letter on the update asks.

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    not surprising, but still :harvey:

    lol @ anyone who thinks they have any privacy
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  2. So, how do they know who I know?
  3. It'll be linked to social media so I'm assuming if X has Y on Google + they'll be able to E-mail you. I think you can be friends on G+.... or some kind of circle shit.
  4. So all of your twitter and fbook contacts with emails will be imported? Interesting.
  5. I think it's just google + so it's a messaging system for that.
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  6. Okay, thanks man.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. A lot of idiots around here hopefully wont recognize me as Champ Johnson....this shit is just horrible and is going to make stalkers and worse people's jobs a lot easier.
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  9. It'll not make it much easier given how liberally most people give out their information.
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  10. but the small % of people who dont are now going to be there....obviously not to the extent of how linked in stuff is. You have xbl, isnt it crazy everything they ask of you now?

    Cell #, address, finding friends through links etc.
  11. If you're concerned about safety having anything but a burner G + account is unlikely, those fuckers scan your email for keywords to get ads. It's autonomous but if they can keyword for flowers who says what else they could?
  12. same as face recognition software, i have a lot of times i get asked if this is me in pictures posted by people i dont even know, ex me being at the bar close to someone elses picture.
  13. This is creepy. Youtube kept asking me to use the same name or different one and I kept avoiding it till I didn't have the option. I am glad I don't have gmail or facebook though. I am tempted to get rid of twitter. I don't put too much personal stuff on there but still... It is creepy to think of all this stuff and how easy it is for anyone to find out about most things. I went to sign up for another e-mail a few weeks back to have a junk e-mail and they all need a cell phone number now to sign up. I don't understand that. It should be optional.

    I don't know... It all feels like a giant tracker system to keep tabs on people.
  14. It's all data mining.
  15. :shock: MineWITCHcraft! :angry:
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