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  1. Install Google SEO, simple. The forum may be small but it does have enough content that could be indexed even easier through Google using the plugin that simplifies the way things look on the forum. Using IDs rather than words makes it look rather, unknown.

    Which looks better?
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  3. Had it on MF, actually doesn't help SEO at all (the changing of links) and if you do install them you can't change back.

    SEO is sort of my strong point, if I was to install it, it'd be for the sitemaps that's it. But our SEO standard for a small forum at the moment is exceptional, so I don't want to tamper with it at all if I can.
  4. You can uninstall it easily. I uninstalled it after I didn't like it because I was new to it. It helped my SEO, for me. I had a gaming forum and after installing SEO I noticed traffic being higher.
  5. You can uninstall the plugin, but once you change your forum links you can't go back, it messes up the already made threads and just gives out 404 errors. So much hassle.
  6. Not for me, I changed the writing of URLs in .htaccess and fixed it ASAP.
  7. It does not really help SEO. Why? Because Google do not find content and index it from the main URL. They index it based on the thread title and keywords.
  8. I had google SEO and it made everything worse.
  9. Were you familiar with how it worked? I for one had to make a SEO plugin myself, the only thing that was bad about it was that I was an idiot back then.