Goonies Sequel Announced

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 6, 2014.

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    Richard Donner is the director behind the original classic flick the Goonies that came out in the middle of 1985 and most people have at least heard of it if not seen it. While it had been rumored several times before throughout the past several years that there was a sequel being worked out nothing had ever been confirmed. Well now it seems Richard Donner himself has come out and stated that a sequel to the Goonies is indeed happening.

    Now with that news out of the way I must ask the question; It's been almost 30 years since the release of the original Goonies movie, is it too late for the sequel to catch anywhere close to as big of a buzz that the first one got.

    Personally I think so and also think they should avoid doing a sequel this many years after the first one, it just doesn't translate well, that's 1 and almost a 2nd generation gap.
  2. Yeah, this is probably, like, at least two decades behind when it would have still generated a good bit of buzz.
  3. I really don't know.... I mean if it is directed by Donner himself and not handed off to some unknown ten I might be behind it. Storytelling such as we saw in the original Goonies can translate well into today's movie market. Perhaps the original Goonies can make cameos... maybe it will be about their children or grandchildren going on the same type of adventure. I mean, those of us who saw the original Goonies know in all honesty that it is a classic.... most of the time I would say you don't mess with classics, but this is one where the story can be continued... there is a lot more to get out of it... if it is done correctly it could be very, very good. Example: The original Wizard of Oz, definite classic, done in 1939... Return to Oz done 46 years later in 1985... added very well to the original, and in my eyes at least, became another classic, 28 years later, Oz: The Great and Powerful... an Oz prequel.. and once again, in my eyes, another classic. I really do think the Goonies can be one of those stories that can stand the test of time and be added to without losing the flair of the original. This is my opinion.
  4. I'm with you for the most part; strongly disagree with Oz: Great and Powerful being a classic though; it was poorly received among critics and honestly didn't do that great with fans either, myself included.. I really think they could've done a FAR superior job with that movie but they instead put it on the right about except a little above the same level as that flop of a movie Alice in Wonderland the Tim Burton Version (that was one of the worst Disney movies I've seen in awhile). Thanks for sharing your opinion though, it's nice to hear what other people think.
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