Other GOP Sues Obama

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  1. Bah gawd! Bag gawd! Fooqy has changed the world with the greatest speech in mankind! Praise be to the black man above me.
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  2. I had a dream!!!

    My dream:
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  3. The fact that the taxpayer is footing the bill is the fucked up thing... it'll just be thrown out after a long drawn out and very expensive process. I think it's funny that Congress can say no to everything helpful put before it and then this shit comes up and everybody is in agreement all of a sudden.
  4. Black people have dreams?

    Mind = Blown
  5. Yeah, but here's the thing we ge--*gets shot*
  6. *Shooter walks by*
    George Zimmerman!
    *Shooter walks away*

    Well it was self defense.
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