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I thought this was somewhat interesting for anyone who watches Game of Thrones:

Romance, betrayal, heavily promoted one-on-one bloodbaths, weddings gone to hell, and even dragons: yes, millions of viewers tune in each week to watch the soap-opera dramatics and choreographed violence of WWE Raw. Or Game of Thrones. In both worlds, the strong destroy the weak, alliances are crucial, and a dwarf may steal the show (depending on what program you’re watching, this would be either Peter Dinklage or the Mexican luchador El Torito).

Exchanging boiled leather and swords for spandex and steel chairs, wrestling superstars have much in common with the characters in George R. R. Martin’s scripted world. Here are the warriors (along with their Thrones counterparts) that rule the ring in WWE. As Stephanie “Cersei” McMahon would say, “When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you get future endeavored.”
It compares Game of Thrones characters with their WWE counterparts (new and old, and Bo Dallas, too), from the Iron Throne and heroes to villains, tweeners and "the rest."

The full breakdown of counterparts can be found here.
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