Music Goth/Post-Punk/Synth Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Black Wizard, Sep 29, 2016.

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    Wanted to make a thread for the sharing and discussion of all things goth and synth related. The goth scene emerged from the post-punk scene in the UK around the early 1980s with lyrics full of darker undertones, nihilism, and sometimes dabbling in the occult.

    There are a lot of different styles that fall under the flag of goth. Gothic rock itself, post-punk, darkwave, witch house, the list goes on. I'm also going to include things like synthwave/retrowave/vaporwave/slasherwave in this thread since there's a lot of goth music that is quite synth heavy, and a lot of these genres take heavy influence from goth.

    Starting things off with the very first song I ever heard that got me into goth, and I loved it from the very second I heard it.

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  2. And just to have something from the synth side, an absolutely crushing, heavy, dark synth track. GosT is one of the heaviest artists out there when it comes to synth.
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  3. Boy oh boy do I enjoy retrowave

    Also recommend subbing to NewRetroWave for juicy instrumentals like
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  4. I am subbed to NewRetroWave, and also a channel called The 80's Guy which posts a lot of great stuff.

  5. more goth goodness
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    Some modern stuff.

  8. Synth-y stuff.

    Came across this one recently.
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  9. Wiz, you've got to give this album a listen if you haven't before. Really underrated.
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  10. this shit is dope.
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  11. The same dudes did the OST for Stranger Things so you know that they are legit.
  12. Love it.
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  13. OH YEAH! His new album came out today, I forgot about that. I love GosT, a lot.

    Easily my favorite song of his. Isn't super heavy like Behemoth is, but I love the bassline, I love Hayley Stewart's voice, and I relate to the lyrics so much.
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  14. Fucking love Hayley, actually getting an IWT tron made with
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