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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Shadow, May 6, 2014.

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  1. I've seen quite a bit of negative reaction from the trailer, but I'm going into this fairly optimistic. Most TV Shows about DC comic origins have been good (Smallville, Arrow, etc.) and I'm looking forward to how this one plays out.

    I'll update the thread as more information is released.
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  2. That the dude out the OC?
  3. Yessir Benjamin McKenzie; solid pick for Gordon.
    Donald Logue (Grounded for Life) plays a decent role in it too.

    I'm going into it expecting less than Arrow and more than Agents of Shield, they already have a lot of top notch villains casted.
  4. Screw the negative comments, I love Batman and this looks sick.
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  5. Big batman fan, I don't listent to the critics, Arrow has been great, Flash is coming out, Gotham will be good,
  6. The only thing I am wondering is if they are going to do Bruce Wayne correctly. He left Gotham a year after his parents were murdered to travel the world, train, and be educated. He was 9 at time of his parents' death, 10 when he left, and 20 when he returned and started his role as Batman. Will the entire series be that 1 year after his parents were murdered? How are they going to explain the villains being in Gotham as children? Poison Ivy was born in and grew into adulthood in Seattle.

    According to comic lore, Jim Gordon spent very little time in the beginning of his career in Gotham, once he found out how corrupt law enforcement was there he took his family and moved to Chicago, he was in the Chicago PD for 15 years moving up the ranks... until he had the opportunity to move back to Gotham with the job of Captain of the Gotham PD. He cleaned up the department and was eventually named Commissioner. How will they deal with his 15 year absence if the series is supposed to be based around him?

    I can see this being a 1 season series and that's it.
  7. I'm sure they're going to take some creative license and not be committed to telling the same story as in the comics. Even the comics themselves have altered the story countless times over the years. I wouldn't go into it expecting it to mirror the comics exactly.
  8. So this is a Batman show? I'm already sold. No preview needed. Too bad its not CW with Arrow for more likely crossover opportunities.
  9. Reckon looks good definitely will give it a few episodes when on before deciding. Think be one that things spread out over episodes hopefully for me anyway.
  10. I like the look of all the "villains to be" in the preview.
  11. Yeah there's no doubt there will be PLENTY of blurring involving storylines here from comic books; shit look at these new Amazing Spiderman movies.. lol they have no idea what they're doing.. It's like a hybrid between the Ultimate Version, the Trilogy of Novels and then a little bit of 60s shit thrown in there.
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  12. Some big statements coming from the Gotham creators camp recently;

    #1: It will be more visually stunning than any of the recent Batman movies.
    -My Thoughts: Awesome to hear, if they legitimately live up to this statement I will be a huge fan; that is one problem with Agents of SHIELD some of it's effects are not appealing visually at all.

    #2: Disregarding age and only portrayal of the character at the time he's being presented; 13 year old David Mazouz is an amazing young Bruce Wayne; significantly portrayed better than Christian Bale's adult Wayne.
    -My Thoughts; Given they're two totally different "eras" of the character I believe still this is a big statement.. It may seem confusing on what they're trying to say but I understand what they were going for.

    I'm excited for Nygma's character; a Forensic Scientist for the GCPD who speaks in a "Cryptic Language" :emoji_grin:

    Hmm seem's Jada Pinkett-Smith will be playing the villain "Fish Mooney" apparently a gangboss who is in charge of people like Cobblepot (A minion during the show).. I don't remember this being an actual character so I'm kind of weirded out by it.
  13. Premiers in 6 days so I figured I'd bump this in preparation for it..
    It's not going to be anything special I imagine but I'm a bit more interested in it than Agents of Shield mainly due to Gotham dealing with the origins of some pretty big players in the DC Batman universe.

    Will anyone be watching this show on it's premiering night during Monday Night RAW and Monday Night Football? Personally I will be waiting for it to pop up on Hulu which since FOX has a large stake in Hulu I imagine it will be the morning after.
  14. I liked Smallville, the story of Superman rising from the bottom of the totem pole, to becoming the very next hero.
    I liked, no wait, I loved The Dark Knight Rises so count me in. Not a fan of many Batman films, but the current trilogy has convinced me that a show like Gotham can be good.

    I have no problem with a Batman show that takes place before Bruce even becomes Batman. No problem whatsoever. In fact, it would help me fill in the blanks for some characters such as Gordon. I have wanted to know why people "look to him" like a legend, like everyone knows who he is. The origins of Joker, Poison Ivy, Riddler, etc. I already know about Penguin through Batman Forever.
  15. Not sure how much they are going to go into the origins of the Joker; they're kind of exaggerating Poison Ivy's past; they aren't even using her real name. Nygma aka Riddler should be an awesome origin story though..
  16. exactly agree. Marvel or DC movies/shows, etc., are never entirely accurate on the comics. They can't be. Too much details and they need to be able to change things sometimes.
  17. Also, this show will be great I'm sure. It's batman...can't go wrong (unless it's Ben Affleck....)
  18. I love your GIF.....:yeah:
  19. Some reviews have been coming out and without reading too much about it and only looking for the number they attach to it, it's looking like they are calling it a 4 out of 5 star TV show on average.. They have a big budget and a great cast are the more common reviews I see without getting anything spoiled.
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