Gotta do about 10 or more different assignments in 2 weeks or I fail year 9

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. This schools fucked, I knew I had to catch up on assignments and many times I tried to organise and get these assignments so that I could do them and catch up but almost every teacher except for 1 failed to even give me anything and now they've gone and gotten them all and told me if it's not all done within 2 weeks I'll be repeating year 9.

    Looks like if I don't get them all done I'll drop out and then look for an apprenticeship in June next year! :ryan:
  2. Do them. Get off this wrasslin forum and do them.

    Just last term I finished my Uni course in networking. In the span of three weeks, I did 20 exams (theory and practical for each subject) and 30 assignments (not all huge, but I did have them). Yes this was a Uni course, but I'm arguably as organized as a 12 year old and as mature as a Call of Duty player (both quoted from my parents, my friends, my lecturers and my ex!). If I can do it, I'm sure you can too! You've got to believe in yourself, my friend!

    -Leo The Motivational Speaker
  3. 1) Year 9 means jack shit, at least in the UK. Years 10 & 11 are the only important years when you do your GCSE's...

    2) 10 assignments in 2 weeks is nothing. I had to do 3 in 24 hours just last week, for college. Harder work than school.

    Get over yourself, get off the web and do them.
  4. In Australia Year 9 & 10 are now combined with some ROSA shit so if you fail one year you have to do it again to even be able to try get the ROSA.
  5. Thread consists of two things.

    1) William. He comes here a lot and just rants about first world problems :pity: (joking, ily)

    2) Jonathan. No thread in the locker room is without him boasting and shitting on the OP for being shit at life.
  6. You forgot stating facts, 1% of the time :lol1:
  7. :GTFO: and do your HMWK :tough:
  8. What he said.
  9. Don't do any revision, that way you won't be as pissed off if you end up failing.
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