Games GoW: Marcus Fenix Collection

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  1. Well following suit of Halo and their Master Chief Collection, Microsoft has decided to have the same kind of deal for Gears of War.. They will be doing a Marcus Fenix collection including the first 3 games, not including Judgement.. The picture below says everything that is said to be included so far, more to come about it here in the short future!


  2. Never got a chance to own a Gears of Wars game. Will get this for sure, played them a few times and liked them.
  3. Oh dude this should be the perfect thing for you then! They're personally my favorite 3rd Person Shooter game.
  4. Will be getting this for sure. They'll probably add Judgement as MCC is adding ODST to it.
  5. Wouldn't even be mad if they didn't add Judgement, not going to lie I semi-hated that game.. They did the campaign a tad differently and it wasn't to my liking like the previous 3.. The good thing about Judgement is that 'Over-Run' mode they had in there, now that was entertaining!
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