Games GoW Pro shot over Craigslist sale

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  1. Daniel Zeitz aka 'Phobos' of the AmazYn Squad who used to compete in Major League Gaming events around the world for the Gears of Wars games has been killed in a Craigslist sale gone wrong.. for him.

    At about 9 pm Zeitz told his Gears team that he would be right back in about 30-45 minutes because he had to make a quick sale on Craigslist.. Zeitz met up with a couple who wanted to buy his Playstation 4 in a decently public/populated area in Atlanta, Georgia. He walked upto their car and showed it to them, the 20 yr old male of the couple then proceeded to grab the PS4 when Zeitz resisted the 16 yr old female with a 16th month old baby in the car pulled the trigger of a .25 and shot him in the chest.

    The two were later arrested at Northside Hospital after claiming they were the victims of the crime because when she fired the bullet went through the boyfriend's hand prior to striking Zeitz.

    I've played against Phobos and the AmazYn Squad before back in '07 and they decimated us in the tournament so when I heard the news I decided to post it.

    RIP to the guy, unfortunately Craigslist deals can be sketchy, I tend to meet people right across the street from the nearest police station in their area and definitely in a populated area in broad daylight to keep a minimum risk of something like this happening to me.
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