Gracie JJ Breakdown Featuring CM Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 13, 2012.

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  2. I never knew Punk actually trained in a martial art. It's a great watch however if you've got any interest in the early days of the UFC or an interest in how things work on the ground.

    The fight mentioned if anyone is interested.
  3. I remember telling you, you thought it was kayfabe lol. He's mentioned quite a few times he attends a few dojo's where he's a white-belt, but enjoys learning it all. Probably has too, because one of these days someone is going to try and hit him for all the shit he says lmao.
  4. Know it all :dodgy: . I doubt anyone would fuck with him tbh. He's just got that look of someone who could destroy you. He might be small be he looks psychotic at times.
  5. Lol agreed, would love to see him & Bryan completely fuck :shovel: up.
  6. :laugh: I'd love to see Bryan in a proper shoot fight. Dudes insane like when he had a detatched retina mid match and still finished it not to mention letting Kenta kick him repeatedly in his injured shoulder.
  7. Jesus I never heard of that, don't want to see it though (I hate videos like that lmao). No wonder UFC fighters/wrestlers are calling Bryan a badass.
  8. Can CM Punk stop looking like a complete d**che

    He probably wakes up each morning wondering how he can look like a complete d**che

    He searches through his closet, looks down at the floor and picks up the dingiest sweater he can find and wears it

    No Punk. Don't wear the shirt you just washed, wear the dirty sweater and don't even bother shaving today... d**che
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